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4 Gadgets for Athletes To Get Today

Athlete Gadget what the heck?

Here’s my short life story, I am passionate about Kitesurfing, once I discovered this amazing sport I realized that I cannot live without it. Each of us has a different hobby, some of us are artists some of us are athletes and some are just lazy, if you are lazy you may find my article of 4 Gadgets that Improve your Sleep really useful.

For those of the sportsmen that identify with me and share the same but different passion about sports tennis, football, basketball, squash or any other type of sport that requires some work from your muscles and body and makes you sweaty you will find these gadgets for athletes really handy to be in your wish list or even to go and buy them today, so keep reading.

Theragun Mini

As a sportsman and Athlete I suffer a lot from muscle pain, I always wanted something small which I could carry anywhere to be like my private doctor masseuse. This fantastic mini gadget is not only stylish but also looks gadgets for athletesreally cool. For the athletes of you it will relieve your muscle pain and will let you connect with your body and feel it in a totally different way you’ve never experienced before. Use it on yourself or tell your girlfriend or wife to treat you for a good relaxed evening.


gadgets for athletesIF you got the space & money this is an extremely stylish gadget to own, get in shape, and lose weight in the meanwhile. Especially for those of you, who have difficulty leaving home due to different excuses such as streets paranoia,  laziness, babies, wives, corona virus ….

A friend of mine installed one of those recently in his place and since then he has nearly tripled his number of friends, including me that suddenly I find myself going to his place more often than ever.

This toy could help you get better in Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Baseball and Football. If you have no friends it is ideal as you will be surprised how much time you could spend in front of this wall, if you do have friends even better you could play doubles  or triples and even do a few tournaments for a beer. Another amazing trend is that now many famous coaches around the world provide online private couching from Zoom and could train you directly at your wall in your own place. isn’t it cool?

Bose Alto audio sunglasses

These sunglasses look stylish silk and light. They will not only protect your eyes from the harsh UV gadgets for athletesenvironment, but will also play music into your ears plus allow you to take those phone calls without moving your hands.

I bought one of those as I kitesurf a lot and like to hear music on the go without earphones stuck deep inside my ears. This way I can also listen to the sound of the wind and the waves and be aware of my environment. This glasses are also good for SOS calls as in the water my hands are busy flying the kite, so in case of trouble I can talk to someone on the phone to come rescue through the glasses speakers and mic.

Good for the athletes among you, if you are a cyclist and don’t want to get your ears too sweaty with headphones, get one of those….

LARQ purifying water bottle

Go Green? No need to buy a one time plastic water bottle again and again spending time to find the right bin for plastic recycle trash… This is a real science fiction, Meet the water bottle that cleans itself. Designed as Slick & gadgets for athletesPretty Aluminum bottle, It will also purify your water big time & keep your water cold or hot. Who would think that a time comes and we would have to charge our water bottle not only with water but also with electricity?

The magic? It works with a UV light triggered from the inside of the bottle lid which does all the magic. I personally recommend it for those of you who like camping and feeling your bottle from unknown streams or rocks, it will kill 99.9% of the viruses and bacterias found “swimming” in the water. Finally a water bottle that doesn’t stink when you don’t wash it for 2 weeks. So you can go train at the Gym or do your thing, not wash it for a while and the UV light will handle all the dirt and smell.

So which gadget will you find most useful to use in your realm of sport? Share with us in the comments below what sport do you practice and which gadgets for athletes would you buy today?

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