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5 Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners For Documents & Photos

These days, the best wand scanners have become one of the most portable office equipment businesses can possess.

The need for portability has made it possible for companies to create the best wand scanners on the market.

 Best Wand Scanners

With the rise of working from home, handheld scanners have become necessities for many people. With lots of documents to handle, you need a portable scanner.

These printers work seamlessly when scanning your files. You do not have to worry about transportation when making use of these best wand scanners.

Comparison table for the best wand scanners

Wand Scanners

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand


32 GB

Two AA Batteries



Aibecy Portable Handheld Wand Wireless


32 GB

Two AA Batteries



Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner


32 GB

Two AA Batteries


LCD Color

Pandigital S8X1103LP 8.5 “x14”


32 GB

Two AA Batteries


LCD Color

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner



Two AA Batteries





Best Wand Scanners Reviews

We have reviewed some of the best wand scanners that you can buy for your business or personal use.

VuPoint Portable Wand Scanner

Whether you want to scan articles or your family photos, VuPoint Portable Wand Scanner can help you achieve such a feat.

It is a popular scanner with great features.  The scanner can digitize your photos, newspapers, documents, including smooth surfaces.

It can scan up to 35-inches (length) at 900 DPI accurately.  You can take it to your workplace or library to store legal-sized documents or images at high resolution.

This product works as a plug-and-play scanner. This means that you do not make mistakes when installing its drivers.

 Best Wand Scanners

You scan photos or documents and they are stored on an SD card. From the SD card, you can connect to your PC or laptop via USB cable.

Transferring your stored photos does not take time. The product can scan documents that are 8.27 inches wide with ease.

It can scan on the lowest DPI settings up to 98 inches long. You finish any scanning within 3 seconds.

It is powered by two standard AA batteries, and can perform at least 150 color scans on a full charge.


It scans at a 900 DPI maximum resolution.

It comes with an OCR software.

It has three resolution choices (300, 600 & 900 DPI).

It supports microSD card up to 32GB.

Aibecy Wireless Wand  Document & Images Scanner

Are you thinking of getting any of the best wand scanners on the market? This model is a simple and functional portable scanner.

You would love the way the scanner works. However, it does not have batteries or SD cards. The scanner is easy to use with a bit of learning.

It has three DPI settings and has a speed that varies. With its intuitive design, you can easily use it anywhere.

 Best Wand Scanners

It has a compact size and can be moved without difficulty. Its instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The scanner has free OCR software. This scanner is great for A4 size documents and images and has a real-time scanning detector.

The work of the detector is to avoid distorted scans. It features a scan width of 8.27 inch and a max DPI of 900.

It has a small TN display panel on its top to display the status of the document that you are scanning.


It can support JPG and PDF formats.

It has a max resolution is 900 DPI.

It has a scan status indicator light.

It features real-time scanning detector.

Vupoint Solutions Handheld Scanner with Color LCD Display

Vupoint Solutions Handheld Scanner is among the best wand scanners you can get for your business.

It works as a 2-in-1 portable scanner with a dock. It has fast high-solution scanning mechanism and perfect for photos.

The scanner features a 1200 DPI resolution. With the scanner, you digitize thousands of photos in HD in the dock mode.

It has an auto-feed dock that offers excellent scanning.  It makes use of a 1.5-inch color LCD panels.

The scanner’s display is better than TN displays. The screen allows you to select DPI, scan, and do much more.

Its scanning width is 8.5-inch, and can scan up to 125-inch.. In terms of accuracy, speed, versatility, and quality, this scanner is awesome.

It features 1200 DPI setting and allows you to connect it to the auto feeder.


The scanner is a 2-in-1 versatile portable scanner for high-res photo scans.

It has the ability to preview scans using the 1.5-inch color LCD.

It offers 8x zoom supported to preview down to the last detail.

It is capable of scanning at 1200 DPI in dock mode.

Pandigital S8X1103LP  Handheld Portable Scanner for Book and Photos

The Pandigital S8X1103LP has Wi-Fi capabilities and can scan all your images and documents in high resolution.

It is one of the best wand scanners on the market. It can produce amazing JPGs and PDFs. In the wand scanner mode, it supports up to 600 DPI scanning.

In its dock mode, it supports up to 1200 DPI. You can use it with ease. The cost is very affordable and  scans over Wi-Fi to mobiles or computer.

It has a combination of a docking station and a rechargeable battery unit. The scanner can turn into a regular scanner when you use it in dock mode.

Users can scan directly in JPEG or PDF.  This model supports storage expansion up to 32 GB when you install a microSD card.

 Best Wand Scanners

However, it can work without SD cards, since you can do you transfers over Wi-Fi.  The scanner is great and can works wirelessly to produce thousands of outputs.

The scanner can scan and produce grayscale images. It features  a small, color LCD preview screen for better usage.



It has 128 MB onboard storage.

The printer supports file transfer via Wi-Fi.

It has a color LCD preview display on top.

It can scans at 1200 DPI at dock mode.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

When it comes to the best wand scanners, the classic Flip-Pal mobile scanner is amazing.  It does not need a computer to scan files and photos.

This original scanner was created for large and fragile documents. It makes use of the StoryScans software.

The software lets users combine their scanning and their recorded voice into a high-definition file that is ready for presentation.

Many people love it because it can scan fragile documents in a safe manner. Thanks to its unique flatbed design, your memories will be safe while you are scanning.

It is highly accurate, quick, and simple to use. The scanner is a versatile portable scanner you would love to have at home or in the office.

It allows you scan old files and photos and has useful software and apps for both pc and smartphones.

However, the resolution is maximum at 300 DPI. It works great as a flatbed scanner.


It features Lis- EasyStitch & StoryScans software.

It is created for fragile and old photos and documents.

It does not need any external power source.

You can be used without a computert Element.

Advantages of using the best wand scanners

Why should you make use of the best wand scanners? These scanners have both pros and cons you should know.

You should expect these scanners to produce high-quality productions like the normal tabletop scanners.

Here are some of its advantages:


Portability is an important reason why you need this scanner. It can be used anywhere without difficulty.

While flatbed scanners may not be allowed in most places, this portable scanner can work in different places.

The scanners are small and unique in their functionalities.

High-Resolution Scan Of Large Photos

You can scan large media with ease. While smart devices may not do great work when it comes to scanning, this scanner bridges that gap.

The scanner produces high-resolution scan of large photos and files.  It can work in different swipes and images connected with photoshop.

When you use it this way, you can have a high-resolution scan of large scanning surface.

Easy Storage

You can store your outputs in SD cards. When you scan your items, you can store in SD cards or save over Wi-Fi connectivity.

When you finish scanning, you can transfer with your mobile device.

Easy Adjustments

You have a small display on top of it. This display ensures that you scan your items without cutting any part off.

You have a better view of what you are scanning with this scanner.

No Shaky Hands

Even though it is a portable scanner, you should not worry about shaky hands.  It can auto-correct your movements while scanning.

You do not lose its high-quality scanning when you make use of the scanner.

Disadvantages of the best wand scanners

We have seen the advantages; we can consider the disadvantages of the best wand scanners.

It Requires Practice

The scanner needs practice before you can perfect it. You will require a lot of practice when you start using it.

You need the right speed when scanning either fast or slow.

Not Ideal For Archives

It may not ideal to use it for archives, especially when scanning books. You can damage the book when scanning with its scanner.

Some old books may damage or pages of books ripped off when scanning them with the portable scanners.

How to use the best wand scanners?

·         When you want to use the wand scanners, you should understand they work.  We can demonstrate how they work in a simple way.

·         The basic principle of these scanners is the same. What you should do is to slide the scanner over a flat surface before you scan.

·         You should insert the scanner’s batteries and turn on its power. However, if you are using a rechargeable unit, it must be fully charged.

·         The SD card should have enough space before you can start scanning.  The SD must work in its slot before you scan.

·         The time and date can be adjusted if you want the correct time stamp on your scanned items.

·         The resolution can be adjusted to suit what you want to scan. How do you do this? You should press the resolution button and select the right resolution.

·         Make use of a high resolution when scanning a photo.  Do not forget that high-resolution images would take up more storage space.

·         For normal documents like sheets, pages, etc. you can select low to medium resolution.

·         If you are making use of a flat surface, you should put the document on. However, you do not have to adjust the lighting condition.

·         The scanner automatically handles its lighting condition.

·         You should adjust the length and width and place the scanner over the document. You should ensure that the mini display is on the top.

·         This allows you to see what is being scanned.

·         You should ensure that the portion of the document you are scanning is between the width markers. Scanners have a fixed maximum width.

·         The next thing to do is to press the scan button. When you do this, slowly start sliding the wand scanner.

·         Make sure that you keep a steady hand and slowly drag the wand over the piece of paper. Make sure to slide it evenly.

·         Press the scan button again to stop scanning.

·         Before you put your magic wand back in, make sure to check the scanned document using the small LCD display on the device.

·         You should remove the SD card or connect the wand via a USB cable to your pc and check the files.

·         Save it, print it, or do whatever you want.


Final Words

Are you thinking of buying any of the portable scanners on the market? We have listed five of the best with amazing features.

If we should recommend the best on our list, we can tell you to use the VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner.

This scanner offers you everything you need to start scanning. However, you should consider the features of each scanner before you make up your mind.

Features like auto-feeders can be great for you. While these scanners are amazing, you should consider factors like costs, portability, ease of use, and lots more.




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