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5 Tips to Buy Digital Camera

Buy Digital CameraPanasonic DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with Lumix G Vario 14-140mm Lens

If you are like me an intermediate photographer who enjoys taking photos of exceptional trips around the world but is still confused of the huge variety of digital cameras you can buy nowadays in the market, then this may be the most important blog you have ever read…

Confused Already? How Do I Start?

Go Offline we still don’t live in a total virtual world

First go offline, go to your favorite shop touch and feel what you buy. Yes appearance isn’t everything and don’t judge the book by it’s cover is easy to say. But the truth is that we all like a camera that will look beautiful, tangible and comfortable to hang and hold, after all you will be taking a lot of photos with it, and if the camera isn’t comfortable then it’s a no. Having amazing camera that look ugly will not project the best experience you could have. So go to the shop touch & feel the cameras you could potentially have and write it down, or take a snapshot of it.

Get Back Online Read  Reviews

There are so much material on the internet, real people that bought your camera, and can tell positive or negative story, do some research take your time, make sure it is real people writing the reviews and not the brand itself hiring fake reviewers. If it looks to good to be true it’s probably is, Get your reviews from different online sources and not only one, even big review sites can be tempted to write a fake review or to prettify the bad characteristics of a digital camera for some cash to run the business. So get your hands dirty take the list of cameras you wrote in the shop and dig online, dig deep so you will not buy a dream rather than a reality.

View The Actual Pictures this Camera Can Take

This is the coolest trick a friend of mine taught me, you can actually search Google Images, Bing or any other Images website, with your camera model name for instance “Animals photo for Nikon XXX” where xxx is the model you want to buy. Then you can simply view the image taken by the camera of your dreams, and see if you like it? as simple as it sounds. If you are still confused you can compare the image quality between your top 3 favorite camera models, see which output you like the best, this one can be your future camera… Just take few days to view and review the images consult with your mates ask them which image looks the best and why. Take your time as you don’t buy camera every day. Do you?

Megapixels is not everything

Cameras producers treats as like a baby, they came up with Megapixels and convince us to think that the more is the better why? They are stuck in the past and it is too costly to change the marketing campaign efforts that is so rooted in us. Megapixels used to be important in the past when the cameras barely had 2MP. Nowadays each camera on the market has plenty of Megapixels and it doesn’t make a difference anymore. So what does matter? There are so many other factors in a camera that are important. What lens does it have? is it will known brand or not? What Sensor does it have, which brand? Which is the sensor size? is it full frame? bigger sensor has much better image quality than smaller sensor. Which digital processing algorithm does your camera have? some cameras with worse lens & sensor are still able to take better images due to the digital processing they are doing on the image to make up for worse hardware. So looks at all the other parameters and ignore the Megapixel old and inaccurate slogan.


Choose good LensEasycover Panasonic GH5 / GH5s Black

A camera without a Len is not a camera… There are many types of lens in the market, decide first which lens are you gonna use? Do you need interchangeable lens or are you fine with just one? Are you more of a portrait photographer, Landscape or Sport photographer, by the types of photos you will shoot you can determine which len would you like, check the len reviews on the internet and  view the lens produced photos, if you just want one len without changing lens, you can buy a much cheaper camera, that support an all in one Len, make your study here and decide which photos will you shoot?

Hope these tips will help you decide and determine the future of your photography experience, enjoy and buy digital camera which will you use and care, so it be to fulfill all your needs in photography.

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