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5 Top Benchtops to Consider for Kitchens

Top Benchtops

Top Benchtops You Can Compare For Your Kitchens

When it comes to selecting top benchtops for your kitchen, it pays when you do your research.  With the different benchtop materials, you have to decide the ideal one for your home.

Top Benchtops

Whether you want a rustic, industrial, contemporary, or the modern benchtop appearance, you should find out what suits you best. You do not buy a benchtop because it appears beautiful only.

While most homeowners think of the appearance, we have other factors to consider before we can make our selections like the ease of cleaning and budget.

Tips for Selecting Top Benchtops

Butcher and Bamboo Block

When you want to select from some of the top benchtops, you will come across the butcher or bamboo block. This type of benchtop offers a rustic feeling to a kitchen.

While the bamboo is less expensive and eco-friendly, it can be sealed with polyurethane or oil.

For those who want the oiled finish, they should consider the need to re-apply oil to stop it from cracking and drying out.

When there is a spill, it should be taken care off with a damp cloth and warm soapy water for the oiled surface. You can make use of spray and wipe products for your polyurethane surfaces.

If you make use of the harsher abrasive cleaning products, they will strip and damage the glossy surface of your benchtops.

Polyurethane vs Oil Surface

The polyurethane is more resistant to surface staining while the oiled surface is affected by bleach. Bleach leaves a white mark on the oiled surface.

The oiled surface performs better when it comes to impacts compared to the polyurethane surface. The polyurethane surface is prone to scratching and hot saucepans can scorch it.

How do you take care of the top benchtops damages? You sand back their surfaces and refinish them with polyurethane or oil.

However, the disadvantage is that if the damage is on a single sport, you have to sand back and reseal the entire benchtop to make the finishing appear consistent.

Top Benchtops

Polished Concrete Top Benchtops

Do you like the polished concrete top benchtops?  For those who love the industrial appearance, they may go for the polished concrete benchtop.

However, the price of the polish concrete can be expensive.  Many factors like sand, aggregate, and cement influence the color of this concrete benchtop to give you a unique product.

The raw concrete can be porous and should be polished or sealed to prevent it from damaging and staining the surface.

You should not knock or drop concrete top benchtops, especially the edges and corners are prone to chipping or breaking.  Scratch marks can be left when the polish is removed.

Care must be taken to avoid damaging the surface. When the concrete surface is damaged, you should repolish it.

If you leave the surface damaged to linger, it may let spills seep through and destroy the surface permanently.

Top Benchtops

The Sealed Granite Benchtop

One of the top benchtops you may love is the sealed granite benchtop.  This benchtop comes with an amazing feature. It has a powerful and durable composition.

The granite lasts longer but you will find scratch marks under light. You have to seal the benchtop to make it stain resistant. Do not forget to reseal the benchtop regularly.

The Laminate Formica

The laminate top benchtops are constructed with layers of paper over ply, chipboard, or MDF board. This benchtop has been here for a long time and comes in styles that may suit you.

It may come as granite, marble, or woodgrains look depending on what you use to laminate the benchtop. It can be created with seamless joins to make a waterfall finish.

When it comes to laminate benchtop, Formica and Laminex have become the leading brands. Scratch mark may be left on the laminate formica benchtop.

Heat may be a challenge with this benchtop. The Laminex benchtop is more resistant to Formica benchtop, in terms of damage.

These are few of the top benchtops to consider when making a choice.  There are factors to consider before you make your choice.

The price, location, and purpose of these benchtop should be considered if you want these beautiful benchtops.

Do not forget that the materials also matters if you want something that will last longer for you.


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