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6 Stylish Cameras In The World

Stylish Cameras

Stylish Cameras You Can’t Resist

When it comes to having some of the world’s most stylish cameras, many of us have our preference.  Gone are the days we find people working around with great cameras around their necks.

Stylish Cameras

When taking pictures, we have seen a decline in the use of actual cameras because of the increase of sophisticated smartphones.

What if many people want more from cameras and decide to get stylish cameras for their selfies and pictures? What if people want something that takes pictures like cameras?

Okay, you should know that an attractive camera may not help you take breathtaking pictures. However, it might help you select an amazing camera instead of a plastic DSLC.

Instagram will be grateful if you take amazing pictures with such cameras.  Every now and then, the internet gets awash with great technical reviews on cameras.

However, what they failed to understand is the why these cameras look. Let’s face this, imagine spending a lot of money on an inanimate thing, chances are you want to make it look great.

Types of Stylish Cameras

Since, stylish cameras are about their aesthetics, we have brought some amazing cameras for you to explore.


Thinking of stylish cameras from the DSLR and CSC, Fuji3754 comes handy.

 The professional aspect of the camera spectrum depends on digital single lens reflex (DSLRs) and compact system cameras (CSCs).

The DSLR of this camera comes with optical mirrors and viewfinders, while the CSC has a mirrorless feature.  The both provide an interchangeable lens.

Nikon DF

When you find some DSLRs cameras, they have terrible plastic designs. Nikon DF changed this with its amazing body design.

The camera comes with a metal body work and great actual dials for a prod and twist. To the untrained users, this design comes from the ‘70s Nikon F-series and appears like the 35mm SLR.

However, Nikon DF is one of the stylish cameras with all the innards from the latest technologies.

Stylish Cameras

Why Stylish Cameras Are Popular

Leica M10

The Leica M10 falls under the stylish cameras gang. If you love wearing cameras around your neck while taking pictures, this camera gives you a professional outlook.

We have seen people like Brooklyn Beckham, Garry Winogrand, and Henri Cartier-Bresson makes use of this camera to channel their creativity on the streets.

Olympus PEN-F

Most of the stylish cameras we see today took their inspiration from cameras of the past. Olympus PEN-F stands out as a rangefinder camera.

It comes with a sleek and small metal body. It has a discreet electronic viewfinder on its left side. For people who want to make use of street photograph, this is the camera for that.

Stylish Cameras For Beginners

Stylish Cameras

If you are a beginner, you need a simple camera to help you achieve your aim. When you learn from using adaptable zoom lenses, auto modes, and built in tutorials, you can advance to other cameras.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make use of stylish cameras. We have listed a few stylish cameras you can use.

Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II

The Canon Powershot G9X Mark II is an easy route when you want to take great and quality pictures.  The camera is simple, small and has a a rear touchscreen for millennials.

It lets you change or focus the settings like you do on your mobile device.  It comes with the faux leather for your grip holding.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II

Stylish cameras like the Panasonic Lumix LX100 II are amazing. It comes with high quality materials and simple design.

For beginners, Panasonic Lumix LX100 II has an ideal camera and help you take amazing pictures.  How do you manage this camera?

You set its ISO to auto, and adjust its shutter speed dial on the top of this camera, and then the aperture on its fixed Leica lens.

Whether you are a professional or learner, these stylish cameras will help you look fashionable and take great pictures.  We know the difference between camera pictures and mobile device pictures.

For those who love beautiful gadgets, these cameras have been designed to look chic and cool.  Most of them don’t come cheap. They cost a lot of money to possess.


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