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Apple Watch 6 Buyer Guide

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 Guide

What do you know about the Apple Watch 6? The Apple Watch 6 is a newcomer for those who want to experience the top-of-the-range model.

Apple Watch 6 starts at £379. It cost £1,449, for the watch with the lux Hermès versions. If you have the Series 5 or 3, you can access most of its features. 

Apple Watch 6

Some of these features include the cycle direction, sleep tracking, and family setup. If you have the aforementioned series, you may not want an upgrade in your watch. 

However, those with Series 3 and want the ECG app, they can get the Series 6. The latest watch comes with a blood oxygen sensor and a U1 chip.

The S6 chip comes with amazing features that may not be in the lower series. 

Apple Watch 6 Design

 The Apple Watch 6 has three materials: brushed titanium, polished stainless steel, and aluminum, and comes in 11 colors.

The graphite stainless steel replaced the Space Black, and there is a new gold stainless steel finish is jewelry inspired appearance. 

The S6 chip is 20% faster than the previous S5 series and comes with a more efficient energy design. 

The uptick in its speed navigation is most welcome. However, when you run it all through the night for your sleep tracking, it loses its 14% charging.

The superfast charging gives it an edge over other series. An exciting addition in Apple Watch 6 is its U1 chip that was seen in the iPhone 11 series.

You may not use the U1 chip now because it is among the promise of features to come. Apple called this ultra-wideband (UWB), a “GPS on room-scale.” 

This wizardry is what everyone wants to use. With the UWB on your Apple Watch 6, you can start or open your car when you walk up to it.

Apple Watch 6

Mind-blowing feature(s)

 The improved battery performance of the Apple Watch 6 and always-on Retina display that is 2.5 times brighter than Series 5 are amazing features.

These features ensure that the S6 is easier to live with. The battery is strong and powerful for your activities with it. 

The brighter screen, better battery, blood 02 tracking faster charging, U1, and s6 chips are some of the killer features of the watch.

Some of its downsides include no radical design and song and podcast management.

For starters, we have the Xiaomi Mi Watch, Amazfit Bip S, and the Huawei Watch Fit. Oppo went for Apple Watch with a similar name- Oppo Watch.

Apple Watch 6

However, Apple Watch 6 comes with iterative upgrades aplenty. The blood oxygen sensor is amazing, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The process of taking your blood oxygen reading is within 15 seconds. This happens while the Apple Watch 6 shows you some animation to watch.

The watch measures your blood oxygen periodically. It does this when you are not on the move. 

We know that blood oxygen is not as dramatic as the ECG feature; however, it adds an amazing health capability to the Apple Watch 6.

This mini iPhone is something most people with health crisis will appreciate. However, Apple was unable to fix some old challenges with its watches in this S6.

Organizing downloaded podcasts and music to the Apple Watch 6 can be challenging. You find it difficult to handle your downloaded stuff in the watch.

In addition, you may find it hard to delete things. These points are what negates the major selling point for this watch.

However, you can download the audio to this watch if you reside where the phone reception is poor. 

Should you buy this Apple Watch 6? 

If you have the Series 5 and happy with it, you may stick to it. 

However, for those who are new to using Apple Watch, or owns the older models, you may think of getting Apple Watch 6.

The S6 is faster with amazing features you will love to experiment with and enjoy. For people who want their health to be on the check, this watch has something for them.

Apple refined its S6 to meet the huge demand of its fans. It comes with lots of improvements over the older series

If you are yet to buy this watch, it is a smart move for those who are new to Apple Watch.


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