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Bird Air is Every Car’s Dream

Bird Air

Bird Air: The New High Tech Scooter

Bird Air is everything you want your car to become. You fold a new high-tech when you feel like walking. 

When you move across the technology and safety of the most amazing microbility operator, you get convenience and fun with a portable Bird Air you can’t resist.

The electric scooter has changed the way we ride scooters because you can decide to fold it up without looking for parking space. 

Bird Air

Who doesn’t want to have the liability of packing their scooter anywhere, including inside your office?

Mobility has changed and with the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is what we desire in our movement. Electric scooters have given us the privacy and safety that many of us desire in movements.

Congestion, pollution, and the cost of fuel have forced many people to search for alternatives in electric machines. 

If you work in a busy city that is always clogged with traffic, you may want to use something like Bird Air to beat time. 

Bird has introduced different types of e-scooters for you. From the rental Bird Two to the Bird Air, the fleet of this company’s scooters are amazing.

Most of us may not recognize these new machines because of the way they were designed. Bird understands that people are carried away by innovation.

They have not disappointed in designing some of these awesome scooters you can question their safety.

Take, for instance, Bird Two comes with improving usability, puncture-resistant tires, and more battery capacity. 

It also features dual kickstands that are “anti-tipping.” Bird Two comes powerfully designed by an in-house team of aerospace and automotive engineers.

This scooter is not the average electric scooter we see on the lawns or some busy places. It comes to make a difference.

What Do We Know about Bird Air?

Bird Air boasts of more than 30 US and international safety certifications. This will impress anyone who still has doubts about this scooter.

These safety certifications cover more than any e-scooter on the market. It features a regenerative braking system and a long-lasting battery.

Bird Air

Bird Air’s “stow and go” vehicle design makes it different. It has extra features like never-flat tires, enhanced front, and rear lighting, and aircraft-grade aluminum framing.

The lighting makes the Bird Air easy and comfortable to ride. It is rugged to withstand the demand of our everyday life.

How Bird Air Was Born

Bird Air was created out of the groundswell of support seen in micro-mobility and mode-shift. The demand for these features has increased over the years that brands want to meet up.

Most people demand socially distant and sustainable transportation alternatives to help them with their different lifestyles. 

The Bird Two has become one important piece of the puzzle that many try to solve, Bird Air comes as a personal vehicle that has extended the features of Bird Two.

Bird Air extends its accessibility and reach of micro-mobility for more people. That means that you get more people on the scooter and fewer people in vehicles.

Bird Air

If you are looking for a perfect machine for your urban commuting or the easiest way to move around a neighborhood, the Bird Air offers you that privilege. 

It offers you a feeling of an excellent ride in an easy-t0-store format. The scooter’s top speed is 16 mph (25 km/h), while its range is up to 16 miles (25 km).

These are perfect for suburbanites and urbanites that are heading to work or riding with family or friends.

Bird Air has smart Bluetooth connectivity. You can update its software automatically through the Bird App. 

How do you get this scooter? The Bird Store starts selling internationally in November 2020. For those who want to enjoy an exclusive ride around town, Bird got something for you.

You may want to rent these amazing scooters if you want to explore a new city where they are rented.

Sometimes, we want to let go of driving and see things for ourselves as we ride around with scooters. Even kids have the privilege of riding Bird scooters.

What you need is to get the ideal scooter for your young ones. Most information about electric scooters is online. You can check here for more information about e-scooters.



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