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Blaux Wearable AC Review

Blaux Wearable AC

Blaux Wearable AC: The Best Personal Air Cooler

Blaux Wearable AC is here to help you cool off with its amazing features. The hot weather may not be great on our body, which means we need an air cooler to calm us down.

With BlauxWearable AC, you reduce the discomfort from the room temperature. How does this gadget work?

 The Blaux Wearable AC is designed as a high-tech portable air cooler. The gadget regulates or transforms the hot atmosphere within you to a cool one.

Blaux Wearable AC

It is great to use in any location. This gadget is lightweight and a compact personal air-cooling unit. Enjoy fresh and cool air both indoors and outdoors.

What is Blaux Wearable AC?

Blaux Wearable AC is an amazing personal AC unit. The owners wear it around their necks. It features a higher-tech personal air cooler and ionizer cleaner.

The gadget has 3 fan pace modes. It operates up to 30 hours on a single charge. You can power it with a 


Features of Blaux Wearable AC

Sufficient active time- This works for a long time. The battery and power unit can serve constantly for more than a day.

BlauxWearable AC is lightweight, which makes it possible to be easily worn even when carrying luggage while traveling.

The cleaning can simply be done without requesting for extra help elsewhere. So, no expenses are made on maintenance.

Indication of power and charging – There is a LED ring provided on the surface of the cooler device. It will signal the user when it’s charging. 

The 3 fans regulate the motion of the flow of air. This will optimize the electricity consumption of the device.

The fitting size- The design of the gadget can fit into any neck size. 

Blaux Wearable AC

Specifications and Technical Facts

  • The air cooler moves up to 1.9 cubic feet per minute.
  • The gadget airflow is positionable.
  • Blaux Wearable AC is a three fan speed modes gadget
  • It has a LED ring for it’s charging status and power.
  • It uses USB-C for its charging
  • It is simple and easy to clean.
  • It runs up to 30 hours per charge
  • The Ionizer inside the fan chamber is designed to reduce pollutants and allergens.
  • The air cooler comes with an antibacterial filter

How does BlauxWearable AC function?

 Energy Source

The size of the air cooler is similar to what we have in Android devices. You can change your air cooler with your phone’s USB cable.

When charged, BlauxWearable AC can last up to a day before running down. For those in the tropical, the air cooler is handy.

You do not need to worry about power when fully charged. This makes the gadget to be an excellent air-conditioner for people who have no access to the real AC.

Blaux Wearable AC

The cooling principle

The BlauxWearable AC functions in a unique way. The cooling principle makes use of the normal refrigerator’ cooling technique.

The heated sink maintains the temperature of the gadget. On one side of the plate, an electric current is produced through a direct current.

The other side of the gadget remains cool, while, the other parts control the gadget.

Environmental and engineering background

BlauxWearable AC kills off bacteria via the filter. The ionizer and filter work together to clean the inside of the air cooler.

The engineering background is effective in cleaning and killing bacterias. Those suffering from allergies can make use of this gadget.

You can use the BlauxWearable AC at ease. Once you have the battery fully charged, you enjoy the coolness of the breeze.

The gadget has other aspects you will like to know. It comes with a full replacement guarantee. It makes use of high components that will serve you well.

However, if the gadget does not serve you well, you can ask for a refund. In summation, if you want an air cooler that will keep you cool throughout the day, you need this gadget.

The wearable device can be used without complication.

For those who want something unique and portable when it comes to cooling the body, this gadget can help them enjoy that privilege.

You should read more reviews if you want to know more about the functionality of the gadget.



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