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7 Steps to buy wireless headphones

How to get the ideal headphones…

Headphones are the most useful gadget if you know how to choose the right one for you….
You wear them everywhere you go, and some fanatics even go to the toilet with them.  A good pair of headphones can improve the quality of your music experience, here are some key points of how to choose the best one for you.

Buy Your First Headphones

wireless headphones for tv for hard of hearing
wireless headphones for tv for hard of hearing

Most important things that will help you to choose the right headphones…

  • How will you use your wirless headphones? What kind of headphones are you looking for? Airplane blocking noise, hearphones for running and not seawting in them so they don’t fall off?
  • What type of headphones do you prefer? In-ear that sit inside your ears, or outside? comfortable or small and less comforable?
  • Do you want a wire with them? If they have a cable generally the sound quality is better as the full signal is transmitted, no cale wireless, less quality sound but more comfort when you wear them without a cable hanging around…
  • Choose a famous brand. We test different brands, choose one that is popular and has good name in the market rather than a cheap one that the battery will go off after a while.

Tip 1. Identify how you will use your headphones.

Will you listen in a room quiet environment or on the street when it is noisy?  how long will you be using them without removing it, some headphones get really uncomfortable after a while…

Tip 2: Choose the right headphone type.

There are 3 types over-ear, in-ear, and on ear, which one is right for you?

Over-ear Headphones

They are the classic one, the most comfortable in which you can sit for hours without a pain, all the others are smaller but not comfortable.

Tip 3: Closed or Open-Back Headphones?

Closed Back headphones are recommended since you will feel in your own world, listening to music without the background noise of your mother calling you, they are almost as quiet as noise canceling earphones.

Tip 4: Wired or wireless?

We Recommend Wired as the music signal will be much better and you will save a lot on radiation using bluetooth, it may be minor radiation but if you are like us listening to music 5 hours a day it all accumulates. The only instance we will use a wireless is when you have to run and use music for your training.

Tip 5: Noise cancelation.

If you got the money for it we really recommend it. Especially if you travel a lot in noisy places like trains, airplanes metro, not so much recommended if you are at your own house as you will pay this premium for nothing. The way it works it emits sound waves that cancel the environment noises around you, surrounding you like in a bubble, no other sound will penetrate this bubble. Unless it is a non-monotonous sound which is different story all in all it will filter most of the environment noise and you won’t believe how well it works.

Tip 6. Bluetooth & Sound Quality

Generally Bluetooth quality is not as good as cable or wired quality, as the bluetooth doesn’t transmit all the music frequency range, so like a zip file many sounds are lost in the compression algorithm causing you to lose experience, we highly recommend to use a cable one, although it is not as cool as bluetooth the sounds you will capture in your head are unmatchable. Again as said above bluetooth also has radiation that in the long run will harm your body and lead to cancer, so be warned and be safe, use a cable instead.

Hope those tips & tricks will not only help you buy your new headphones or earphones, but also help you to enjoy a music & sound experience like was never enjoyed before!

Choose Smart, Be Safe.

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