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4 Top Leather Suitcases for Traveling

Top Leather Suitcases

Top Leather Suitcases for Men

Do you love traveling in style? The top leather suitcases can help you step out in pomp. These leather suitcases have been designed for beauty and durability.

With the number of these top leather suitcases staring boldly on hundreds of shops around the world, which of the brands do you pick?

Top Leather Suitcases

The top leather suitcases you need

We have made it easier for you to pick with some of our top leather suitcases. Here are some of the top leather suitcases for your movements:

Mark Cross

Mark Cross touts its brand as the United States’ “first luxury leather goods brand.” It was launched in 1845, making it a premium leather manufacturer.

It has amazing quality leather suitcases and travel accessories. If you want quality over quantity, this brand is for you.

For those who love suitcases with a backstory, they can go for the brand’s Grace Trunk. The price starts at $950.


Top leather suitcases such as Ghurka comes with the highest quality leather. The artisanal suitcase brand offers luxury accessories and bags designed to last.

Travel with some of the finest suitcases on the market, when you pick any of the brand’s suitcases.

Its collections include Blazer No. 278, Cavalier I No. 96, Cavalier II No. 97, Cavalier III No. 9, Editor No. 271, Editor No. 239, Express No. 2, Jasper II No. 750, Kilburn II.

Some of its other collections include No. 156, Kilburn Rs No. 252, Rucksack No. 33, Stadium II No. 71, Stash No. 67, Stowaway No. 594, Windsor No. 145

The price starts at $795.


Top leather suitcases come in form of Steamline that infuses modern flair with retro style. The brand comes with great suitcase lines that have amazing names,

The suitcases have classic names that have a steadfast construction, a variety of elegant colors, and an unmistakable design.

For young travelers, this suitcase is one of their favorites. The brand blends luxury and casual style to suit everyone.

Top Leather Suitcases

Steamline collections include The Sweetheart, The Architect (Navy, Cream, Burgundy), The Starlet, The Entrepreneur (Red, Navy, Lip Print), The Industrialist, and The Diplomat – Cream,

 The Botanist (Pink, Grey, Purple), The Correspondent, The Editor (Black, Sea Green), The Maisonette X Steamline (Pink, Blue), The Mini, The Anthropologist (Orange, Navy), and

 The Jetsetter (Red, Blue), The Artiste – Evergreen, The Alchemist

The price starts at $395.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a brand that requires no introduction. The brand has been setting records since 1854 with its dependability and distinction.

For those who love the best, they can make use of top leather suitcases from this brand. The Horizon range is among LV’s finest 

Whichever product you pick from this brand, you do not worry about quality. Travel in luxury when you pick any of LV’s travel suitcases.

What to know about top leather suitcases

Do you know the best quality suitcase brand? With the number of brands producing luxury suitcases, it is often difficult to pick the best.

We have many luxury suitcase producers that leave you confused on which of the brand’s suitcases line to pick. 

When you want to pick the best, think of protection, extreme durability, beauty, and brand. Some of the popular suitcase brands are what you should know.

They include Hartmann, Briggs & Riley, American Tourister, Samsonite, and Globe-Trotter. The blend of durability, materials, and heritage make this brands ‘suitcases among the best.

Top Leather Suitcases

Do you know the most expensive suitcase brand? With Globe-Trotter and Away offering you some higher-end of the spectrum.

Take, for instance, the premium leather brand Valextra’s main price starts from $7,950. However, the most expensive luggage ever sold was a Louis Vuitton at $601,340.

When you travel by air, what do airlines prefer in suitcases? The soft suitcase is easier for travelers to position and manoeuvre within the plane’s storage confinements.

Most airlines prefer soft suitcases. However, if you want durability, the hard suitcases are more durable.

You decide the right suitcase for your preference. This makes the selection of suitcases a personal choice.

What Mr.A will love in top leather suitcases, might not be what you want in a suitcase. While we have expensive suitcases on the market, we still have affordable suitcases too.



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11 Designer Luggage Collections For Men

Designer Luggage Collections

Designer Luggage Collections with Stunning Designs

The number of designer luggage collections on the market is many to count. For men who love traveling, we have unique luggage for them to pick.

To select your choice from the numerous designer luggage collections available online might take your time.

Designer Luggage Collections

To help you pick the best in the designer luggage collections, we have selected a handful of the luggage models for you.

Types of designer luggage collections

Thom Browne

Thom Browe is an American fashion that started giving us amazing luggage models since 2003. The high-end travel gear keeps things sophisticated.

You can check its holdall, leather tote, and signature patterns to understand how special this brand is when you want to buy.

Thinking of quality travel luggage models, you should think of this brand that sells from $790.

Saint Laurent

Designer luggage collections such as Saint Laurent collections are designed to be superb. 

They come with quality materials and are produced to make an impression.

 The travel bags from the brand are remarkable and offers prestige and beautiful together. The price starts at $875.

Brunello Cucinelli

Italian fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli leaves us speechless with its designer luggage collections. 

The brand produces some of the finest travel gears on the market. Travel in style with this travel bag. 

Brunello Cucinelli is for the wealthy and those who love quality bags. The price starts at $3,190.

Designer Luggage Collections

Ermenegildo Zegna

When it comes to designer luggage collectionsItalian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna produces to impress. 

The bags from the brand come in special designs you might resist when you see them. The Leggerissimo Grey Cabin Smart Trolley is a prime example.

The bag has a polycarbonate shell with hand-cut Nappa leather accents, silent wheels, an ergonomic handle, and 2 external USB ports. The price starts at $995.


Who does not like Tumi? The brand produces some of the finest designer luggage collections on the market.

The award-winning brand offers iconic travel bags, which undergo rigorous testing to offer quality luggage.

Some of its collections include 19 Degree Aluminum, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Arrivé, Ashton, Merge, Tegra-Lite® 2, TUMI Latitude, TUMI V4, Voyageur

The price starts at $350.


Samsonite is one of Hollywood’s favorites. It comes with amazing designer luggage collections that you will love to buy.

The brand is synonymous with lightweight and seemingly indestructible hard-shell luggage. For those who want something exotic in a bag, they should think of Samsonite.

Some of its collections include 72H, Aspero, Bleisure, B-Lite 4, Cosmolite, Dream Rider, Dream Rider Deluxe, Evoa, Evoa Tech, Firelite, Lite-Box, Lite-Shock Sport, Magnum, and Minter.

Designer Luggage Collections

The price starts at $200.

Beautiful Designer luggage collections

 Arlo Skye

If you want a beautiful travel bag, Arlo Skye has some extraordinary bags for you. It produces scratch-proof aluminum bodies and full-grain leather handles in its bags.

The brand emanates utility and luxury alike. Arlo Skye collections include The Zipper, The Frame, Arlo Skye X Dusen Dusen.

The price starts at $350.


For people who love travel and luxury style, they can make use of Bric’s designer luggage collections.

The Italian luggage brand has a great reputation for utilizing a range of premium materials, colors, and designs to produce great luggage. 

Bric’s collections includes B|Y Ulisse, B|Y Zeus, Venezia, Amalfi, Bellagio, Firenze, Life, Capri, Life Pelle, MySafari, Pronto, Riccione, Varese, X-Collection

The price starts at $220.


Valextra is a premium men’s leather designer luggage collections bran from Milan. The brand represents the epitome of streamlined sophistication.

The brand offers great luggage like Costca Suitcase, Trolley, Horizontal Trolley. The price starts at $7,950.

Briggs & Riley

This brand comes as a leader in the leather industry. You can use this brand if you want something extraordinary in your travel luggage.

It has some special features that stand out when you compare with other premium designer luggage collections. The price starts at $240.


Hartmann offers prestigious luggage to its customers. The brand has premium travel gears that come with it an air of distinguished leisure. 

Some of its collections include 7R, Innovaire, Herringbone Luxe, Hartmann Tweed Legend, Hartmann Ratio Classic Deluxe 2, Hartmann Ratio 2, and Hartmann Metropolitan 2.

The price starts at $300.

These are some of the designer luggage collections for men you can buy.



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The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase

The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase

The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase For Travelers 

The best hack’s pro cabin suitcase is something you should pay mind to when traveling. With the COVID-19 pandemic gradually easing its grip on the world’s tourism and hospitality sector, airlines are ready to fly around the world again.

The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase

While some airlines have restricted their carry-on luggage, you might still want to travel with some of the best suitcases for your convenience.

You do not need a suitcase that would not fit into the cabin space in front of you. How do you select the right suitcase for your travel?

The carry-on luggage should be able to suit your ease of movement and not very expensive to fit those on a tight budget.

If you want the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase for your traveling, you should take time and research the numerous suitcases on the market.

What do we need when it comes to the cabin suitcase? Sometimes, we get disappointed with the suitcase we are traveling with because of many reasons.

Often, the suitcase might give in to tear because of weight or too big to fit into our compartments.

This is the more reason why you should do your research before you get the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase.

Do You Know the Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase?

The best hack’s pro cabin suitcase comes in different shades, designs, and shapes. With hundreds of suitcase brands, picking the best suitcase might be daunting.

Do you know the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase to pick? The answer to this depends on what you want from a suitcase. 

We have a few popular brands that create high-quality suitcases like Samsonite, but come very expensive. Brands like Tripp produce reliable and cheap suitcases. 

For those who want style in the suitcases, they should think of Lipault that offers fashionable and high-end suitcases and duffel bags. 

This brand allows you to look chic with its designer suitcases. For Osprey, you should think of adventure-focused and highly practical backpacks, wheeled duffel bags.

Each suitcase brand has its specialty when it comes to the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase on the market. 

Ultimately, you decide the type of suitcase you need based on your budget and needs. The best thing to do is to read the guide on any suitcase you want.

This gives you an idea of what to expect from any suitcase you buy.

What do you know About the Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase?

Do you know the difference between cabin luggage and hand luggage? 

When we talk about the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase like cabin baggage, hand luggage, and carry-on baggage, they mean the same thing.

However, you should not think that the bags are the same when it comes to sizes. You should know the airline’s requirements for its carry-on luggage allowance.

The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase

Each airline has its carry-on allowance that must be followed religiously. Generally, most of the airlines allow 56x45x25cm for its carry-on luggage allowance.

However, low-cost carriers like Flybe and Ryanair come with a different rule. You should know the airline’s baggage requirement before booking your flight.

Laptop Bag vs. Hand Luggage

Do we consider a laptop bag as a piece of hand luggage? When it comes to the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase, they vary in shapes and sizes.

We have no simple answer to the question because laptop bags have different shapes and sizes. Different airlines decide what they want to call it depending on its size.

If your laptop can fit under the seat in front, it can be counted as a personal item. If the laptop bag fits in the overhead bins, it is called a piece of hand luggage.

The Best Hack’s Pro Cabin Suitcase

You should check what an airline thinks of the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase before you travel. Do you have to use the luggage wrap service when you come to an airport?

This service is an optional extra and not a mandatory aspect of flying with the best hack’s pro cabin suitcase.

When you want to buy your suitcase for flying, make sure that you do not buy a huge one that might be counted as a piece of additional luggage.

If you do not want to spend extra money on your suitcase, make use of suitcases that fit in an airline’s requirements.