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Anker Nebula Apollo Guide

Anker Nebula Apollo

Anker Nebula Apollo Review

Anker Nebula Apollo is a multimedia projector that blends perfectly with its portable speaker.  You can project Android apps, photos, and videos with it.

Anker Nebula Apollo Guide 1

You can play your music with it and run it as a Bluetooth speaker. The battery life is ideal and lasts longer for a projector as portable as it.


  • The projector comes at a reasonable price
  • The battery life lasts long before another charge
  • It runs on Android 7.1
  • It has many control methods
  • It can double as a Bluetooth speaker


  • The brightness is modest
  • It has an oversensitive touch pad
  • It comes with audio distort when you play at a high volume level

What Do You Know About the Anker Nebula Apollo?

The Anker Nebula Apollo is designed as a small model, actually, the smallest among the Nebula series of entertainment projectors.

However, the projector can project videos and images from external sources like the  internal memory or USB thumb drive.

It plays your music files and pairs with mobile devices when you pair it with its Bluetooth speaker.

You can control the Anker Nebula Apollo with an included remote, in-built control panel, or via the Nebula Connect app on your mobile device.

When you are far from a power source, the battery life will last long before another charge.

A Projector and a Speaker in Anker Nebula Apollo

The Anker Nebula Apollo makes use of the DLP-based light engine to power the LED light source that has a 30,000 hours lifetime.

Anker Nebula Apollo

The project offers modest brightness of 200 ANSI lumens that match the Kodak Luma 350 and Anker Nebula Capsule II outputs

The resolution of the projector is  854-by-480-pixel, a.k.a. FWVGA or 480p.  It comes with a single 6-watt speaker that operates only the sound as a Bluetooth speaker.

This happens when you do not project things.  The Apollo comes as micro-tower projector measuring 5.2 by 2.6 by 2.6 inches.

 The bottom of the project holds the speaker and multiple components while the lens is on top. When you turn the project on, you will see its Nebula logo turn red.

Five white virtual buttons are seen flanking the logo and they include the minus for volume control, mouse (cursor), home, return, and plus.

The center of the Apollo’s top is a touch pad that disappears when you don’t touch its panel for about five seconds.  They come up when you touch them.

 Anker Nebula Apollo Amazing Features

The built-in control panel of the project comes with the remote control for easier navigation of the buttons.  The Apollo can be controlled with the Nebula Capture app.

The app has menu buttons, return, plus home, and a button for opening the virtual keypad.  The left side of the gadget comes with a small focus wheel behind the lens.

The small focus wheel ensures that the image is sharp.  The back of Apollo comes with the Bluetooth-connection and power buttons.

At the back includes a USB Type-A port, one HDMI, and jack for its power adapter. However, the Anker Nebula Apollo does not come with an audio out jack.

Anker Nebula Apollo Guide 2

It connects to any external speaker through the support of the Bluetooth. It works with WiFi connectivity too.

 The Anker Nebula Apollo has a built-in 9,750mAh battery that can last for up to 4 hours of video playback on a charge.

The Apollo has an Android inside. It runs on an Android 7.1 and can operate preloaded Android apps. You can even download new apps from the App Store with your WiFi connection.

With your smartphone, you can do a lot of experiments with your projector setting. The top row of Apollo includes the File Manager, HDMI, Settings, Network, and App Manager.

You can connect to any external source from the HDMI cable plugged into Apollo.

You can check your stored content of your files saved to Apollo’s internal storage or USB thumb drive via the File Manager.

The App Manager has a menu that includes the Media Player, File Manager, Aptoide TV (You can use it and install some video apps like TED), WebView Browser.

The Webview Browser comes with a virtual keyboard for URLs. The App Manager also comes with AirPin Pro for your DLNA or AirPlay.