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Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV Buyer Guide

The Mi TV LUX Transparent TV is one of the wonders of technology. We have seen different models and designs of television, but a transparent television has been out of the league.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent TV makes a difference in the way we watch television. The normal television takes space and still stays blank when it is switched off.

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

However, that large black rectangle gadget we called our television seems to have a makeover with a completely see-through feature.

What to know about Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

Chinese company Xiaomi has given us something that would not interrupt our view in its fully transparent TV called Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition.

The television is more of a window as it is an entertainment gadget. The company achieved this transparent television by using a circular base in putting the devices.

It left the traditional way of putting the devices behind the display. How does it work? The internal mechanisms activate the transparent OLED screen immediately after it is switched on.

The traditional OLED screens come with a reflective cathode layer that ensures users watch through the screen.

What this means is, even if the traditional televisions do not come with a back, you would still not see through it.

However, with a transparent OLED, you can see no layer because every component has been designed to be completely transparent.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent TV has a screen that looks like a glass display when you turn it off. 

However, it works at a 120Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio. 

How does the TV get its color? The transparent screen may appear invisible, but it provides 93 percent of the DCI-P3 color profile.

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV is partly transparent because Xiaomi put every gut into a circular base rather than what we see in our normal television, which is designed behind the display.

The most interesting part is how the brand created a transparent OLED screen with transparent OLED technology (TOLED).

TOLED screens make use of transparent components, even on the stack that makes us the television’s screen.

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

It does not require backlighting because each diode emits its light. Visuals appear as if they are floating. 

Most OLED screens utilize a reflective cathode layer that stops people from seeing through it, even you take out the back.

The result of this technology is a 5-inch Mi TV LUX Transparent TV. It comes like a mere glass display when you switch it off. 

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV Features

In display terms, the television looks great. However, people are wondering if they can play or watch anything on Mi TV LUX Transparent TV.

What kind of content is perfect for television? Xiaomi made use of its AI Master Smart Engine and MediaTek 9650 chip to optimize how its images appear.

How was the brand able to isolate objects from the television’s background? We wonder if it made use of very high-resolution .png files to achieve this. 

Mi TV LUX Transparent TV

Take for instance; will the dormant parts of the television screen be crystal clear? The Mi TV LUX Transparent TV is fitting for people who want their furniture and appliances to blend in.

Over the years, we have seen amazing electronic brands develop superb designs that disguise the outlook of a television.

From the Swiss designer Yves Béhar’s Fuse project, who built a smart television for Samsung and it appeared like a framed piece of art, to many others. 

Samsung released the ‘Ambient Mode feature’ to its QLED TVs in 2018, which allows the screen to look nearly invisible when not in use.

This television worked by mirroring the appearance of the wall behind it. However, the Mi TV LUX Transparent TV came different from every disguised TV one earth.

The transparent television makes use of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) to provide an edge-to-edge transparent display.

This leaves what appears like a glass screen to people.

If you want a piece of Mi TV LUX Transparent TV, you might have to head to China for this television that cost 49,999 yuan (about USD$7,200)

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