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Secret Tips To Buy Your Jewelry Online

A question people always ask me How To Buy Jewelry Online?

I am a lazy programmer, and like to surprise my girlfriend on her special day with jewelry, however I hate shopping malls especially when the purpose is to buy girl staff… Again I am an electronics geek remember?

So how do I still maintain a healthy relationship? The answer is simbuy jewelryple, I buy all my Jewelry gifts to my girlfriend online. Here I will teach you some simple basics & secret tips of how to do it safe and clever, so nobody will be messing with you, like a jewelry master.

Main Reasons to Buy Jewelry Online

You are a guy and have no interest at all about jewelry…. You are a lazy girl who likes shopping online… You want to maximize your time and save time on queeing in huge lines, transport and ice-creams you generally buy after you shopping. You simply want to save money as Jewelry shops tends to have huge rent fees & also online you can compare prices and get even a cheaper deal, as long as you didn’t go to a jewelry shop and was tempted to buy this beauty, because once you find something you like in real life it is hard to search for it on the internet.

Size Matters

Online Images of Jewelry can be misleading, This diamond ring looks professional HUGE and amazing, till you order it and the delivery man hands you a tiny envelope just to find this tiny tiny ring you didn’t expected because it was shot with a Huge Tele Len, and a magnifier. Don’t fall into this old traps, read the small text in the website how big it is and make sure it answers your expectation, a ratio should be shown close to each image and if not drop them an email to let you know the real size of this masterpiece jewelry.

Read Reviews

Not sure about the brand or its quality? How can you? after all it’s just a gift to your girlfriend and jewelry was never you #1 passion. Get your hands dirty and start researching and reading reviews about this brand, is it real? does it make fake jewelry? what others say about the quality of the products they create? don’t be afraid to read several sources and ask in the forums…

You need a Warranty

Make sure before you buy this expensive jewelry that they provide some kind of guarantee and warranty after all you spend all your hard earning money on this piece of jewelry art, and you want to be covered…

Change Policy

Be sure to check if you bought the wrong ring or bracelet jewelry size can you change it free of charge? after all we are not really experts in buying jewelry we just want our loved ones to enjoy a perfect size ring.

Shop on Black-Friday Or Sales

Try to get advantage of the holidays maybe new year or Christmas or Black Friday if you smart enough and want to save a lot of money combine the timing of your gifts around this huge craze and sales all around the world jewelry shops are willing to drop as much as 70% just to sell more on these special times.

Hope the way I buy to my girlfriend her jewelry will intrigue you to buy yourself or the one you love and save some cash on the way.

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