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Top 10 Stylish Gadgets

stylish gadgets

What is a stylish gadget?

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a new gadget? every time I buy a new “toy” I feel myself again like a kid, it takes me back to childhood and I play with my new stylish Gadget for quite a while, Until… I’m bored and buy a new one. Stylish gadget is any accessory that makes you feel cooler with yourself and others and also releases this tiny little kid we all have inside but more often shy to admit he or she is still there….

Here are a few ideas for those of you looking for a new stylish gadget to impress your friends or simply to kill free time in an entertaining way, because our minds also need relaxation from time to time…

Top Stylish Gadgets You Could Own Now

Sonos Arc

If you are a music addict like me, and would like to enjoy cinema matching sound quality, this is definitely your stylish gadget treat. After testing so many different speakers I finally settled and bought this amazing sound quality experience.

Once you turn those on you will feel like in your own bubble, your own new world, in a trance state, long trip which nobody will be able to wake you up from.

This experience comes with 8x Woofers &  Dobly Atlos an Advanced Technology that improves the surround sound quality by more than a 10 folder!

Senstroke Virtual Drum Kit

So you ran out of space for you drums, because of the REBO Wall recently installed in your house?  For the musicians of you or after getting sweaty and tired playing against your wall and finally realizing that you can never beat that wall again in a squash match, it’s time to hit the gig.

No need to waste more space in your tiny room, all you need is these 2 pair of sticks, you can connect them to your App in your phone, or to your huge Sonos arc speakers and simply hit the air & listen to your own master art drum symphony.

You could also get a private online coach or APP that will teach you how to play from 0 to hero.

The Conran Shop Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker

If you are like me and keep losing your car keys or AC remote control get one of these.

It’s an inch size and you stylish gadgetscan attach it to virtually anything, it has a little bluetooth chip on it,  launch the app on your phone and find your lost item over and over again, small & handy.

Moleskine Plain Paper Tablet

If you miss school or the old notebook times this is your gadget. Looks & Feels like a notebook, you can stylish gadgetsscramble and draw on it or give it to your kids to play with.

Once the work of art is done simply transmit it to your phone and have a digital copy of your art to share on your favorite Social Media network.

Isn’t that great the mixture between old tech and new tech?

Pocketalk Translator

Struggling to talk or understand people in your new favorite language? This sophisticated gadget will understand and translate 74 different languages, even if you speak with your broken accent.

It’s also packed with noise cancelling microphones so it will understand you in most noisy environments and will be your personal assistant till you finally get this complicated chinese language perfected.

Smartech Xtend suitcase

A trendy handle, stylish fabrics & a solid zipper, this suitcase gadget is to fall in love with, for every traveler who considers himself a gadget tech addict.

Comes with a USB and USBC connectors to charge your laptop or smart stylish gadgetsphone  & also a bio-metric fingerprint reader to open your luggage and get access to your personal accessories.

Packed with so many compartments in and out including a nice compartment for your shoes which will separate them from your dirty cloths, you could really smuggle products in this luggage if you wanted to…

My favorite feature in this smart suitcase is that it  can extend to up to 50% of its initial size.

This simply means that you can travel on the way there with the small version of it, and on the way back after your shopping in New York are done, you can extend it & check it in in ,before your departure. No need to buy another luggage to bring back your shopping gifts.

The Waka Waka Solar-Powered Charger

This is another gadget that I would buy only because of it’s funny & fancy name.  Well-made, compact & stylish gadgetslight-weight will be fully charged within only 8 hours of direct sunlight!

Fully charged you’ll be able to get around 250 hours of light from this gadget built in flashlight LED, great for those of you who like camping outdoors. The LEDs it uses are of a high quality and emit a very strong light with 3 different strength settings.

Best feature is of course the USB slot which you could use to charge your phone, e-Cigarette or Laptop, once you get bored of watching the Stars Moon & Trees in your nowhere to be found camp side.


So which gadget do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below and happy Shoppings!


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