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Trax Play Buyer Review

Trax Play

Trax Play Review

GPS tracker like Trax Play is used to monitor the movement of children and pets. When it comes to these two wonderful beings, we are mindful of their movements and safety.

Trax Play

If you are thinking of a tracker that will keep your pets and kids within your reach, you should get one that will serve you well. 

With the number of GPS trackers on the market, we might find it daunting to browse through these trackers to pick your choice. 


  • The GPS tracker is tiny.
  • It allows for live tracking.
  • It has an inexpensive service plan.


  • The battery life might not last a full day.
  • Trax Play lacks two-way communication.

Toddlers love running wild, especially when they have the freedom to move around.

You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you do not know their exact locations.

For people who have used the Trax Play, they will tell you it is a no-nonsense monitor.

The tracker is inserted in a small plastic box. You can monitor the tracker from your smart device.

It gives you an update every 15 seconds with the location of your children if they leave your home. 

Trax Play Design and Features

The Trax Play comes in a small box measuring 2.2 by 1.5 by 0.4 inches (HWD). It weighs only 0.8 ounces. You can easily fit it into your pocket.

The tracker has a collar clip or a rubber belt depending on what you want to use to achieve. The common colors are white, magenta, or blue. 

This tracker is splash-proof and dustproof. However, not waterproof, even though you use it under a sprinkler and not for a swim. 

It has a standard micro USB port for charging under it and on top of a power button. The single LED is its display point. 

 The LED has various patterns of blinks that display different conditions of the tracker. This GPS tracker functions with an iOS or Android app that can connect different smart devices.

It shows your target on a map and allows you to set geofences for alerts when your target leaves your designated area. 

You can check the history of where your target has been over the past day. For kids or pets that run in circles, it might be difficult to know where they went first.

The Performance

The Trax Play is used for monitoring a child or a pet. When they leave your designated region, the tracker sends an alert. However, if it has a problem when you use it in a dense urban area.

Once it finds a location lock, it updates every 15 seconds. The tracker is accurate within a 50-foot radius.

The company says the tracker can last up to 8-10 hours of monitoring on a charge.

It can double that duration. You can reduce the Trax Play tracking frequency to once every minute if you want to expand its battery life.

However, you need to recharge Trax Play daily because of its short battery life.  

Trax Play

 What do You Know about Trax Play?

The Trax Play is not expensive to purchase. For those who are on a tight budget, this tracker can help them keep track of their wards or pet. 

This is great for kids or pets that cannot talk back. For kids who can communicate, it is amazing because they can give you their exact locations.

The live tracking in real-time is cool because you know every step of your ward or pet. You know where to find them and the first place they went to.

Trax Play

You can check the history of the past day to know how your target moved. However, the Trax Play has no two ways of communication that are perfect for locating your target easily.

For those who want something better or more complex, they can check online for higher operating trackers for their kids.

We have many affordable trackers for kids. Kids can play in unimaginable places, especially in puddles or watery places. They can take a dip in a pool and that can affect your tracker.

Find a tracker that will serve you better if Trax Play wouldn’t help you with what you want from a GPS tracker. We love the functionality of the Trax Play at its model and price.


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