About Us

Team work

Our Shopping tool is meticulously designed to meet the needs of our customers.  

We have comprehensive analytics tools to help you improve your shopping experience & help you choose your product smartly.


We are passionate about Crashing market prices & helping you achieve your dreams.

Our goal is to develop SaS deep-learning sophisticated artificial intelligence tools which make online shopping on the cloud fun & easy. Helping you to achieve an exceptional experience when it comes to compare product features or prices.

 We focus on gathering & aggregating many different products from many different online shops big or small and we even sell our own products as well. 

Our Proprietary Modern Artificial Intelligence Comparison Technology makes us #1 company in the price compare shopping business.

Each of our tools is tailored to get you a great deal on the product you buy.

Because Deep-Learning AI Technology Really Matters. 

There’s no doubt or question we will help you afford this new toy, product or gadget you have long desired…



Allen White

Website Programmer

Handles the back end of the sites.















Nathan Luke












John Bush

Marketing Manager

Promotes the websites and engages industry thought leaders to build a better platform.





White Keys

AI Machine Deep-Learning Algorithm Developer. PH.D in computer science

Keeps the AI algorithm running at its best performance, constantly improving it on new real life model feeding.




Buck Ham

Business Strategy Advisor and customers relationship