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Xbox Series S : A Secret Gamers Weapon

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S : A Cheaper Xbox Alternative

Have you seen the Xbox Series S? Over the years, we have seen many Xbox come to life with amazing features. 

For gamers, the Xbox Series S is a dream comes true. While PS5 and Xbox Series X battle for supremacy, the Series S might be the secret weapon from Microsoft.

 Microsoft has produced another mind-blowing next-generation console that many people want to lay their hands. 

Xbox Series S

Many of us have headed about it or seen it in rumors and leaks respectively. We know that the Xbox Series X has the center stage, but the cost might discourage many gamers.

This brings the Xbox Series S to the stage. The Series S comes cheaper and it is an alternative for those who cannot cough out the cost of Series X.    

Are you looking for a dedicated gaming machine? The Series S might be what you need. The cost of the Xbox Series S is $299 in the US. 

In the U.K, you get it for £250. 

This makes the console one of the smallest and cheapest Xbox ever. The cost of the Series S is amazing and many gamers will go for it.

For those who cannot get the complete amount, they can jump onto the Xbox All Access that offers it at a mere $25 a month. 

The subscription-based system allows you to make use of the console without buying the Xbox outright. You get access to the Xbox Game Pass too. 

However, Microsoft is yet to unveil the preorder details for this Series S. It would go live soon, and many people who go for this amazing game.

Xbox Series S

What You Should Know about Xbox Series S

The release date of the Xbox Series S has not been revealed, but it is sooner than we expect. Many people believed that it would come at the same time the Xbox Series X will be launched in November.

Even the launch date of Series X has not been revealed. We wait for the launch date of these two amazing consoles. 

The Specifications

Do you know the specification of the Series S? Microsoft is yet to tell us what we should expect from this console.

However, the leaks have given us something to know about the consoles. For the Series X, we got some specifications, but not the Series S.

We are yet to know if the Series S will come with a 4 teraflops. The most exciting detail about the Xbox Series S is that it can run games up to the 1440p resolution at 120fps. 

For gamers, this specification is amazing, especially at $299 console. This is why many gamers will go for this console.

If you are a gamer from the developing world, this console got you because of its affordable rate.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S delivers a variable refresh rate and variable rate shading. It is great for people who own televisions that support refresh rates beyond 60Hz. 

The Series S is expected to offer ray tracing and it should be a software-enabled take on its rendering when it uses DirectX instead of a custom dedicated hardware.

The Xbox Series X has its feature too. The upscaling for games and 4K media streaming is on the Series S cards. 

Xbox Series S Downsides

The Xbox Series S comes with a 512GB SSD. This size of SSD is a disappointment given that most games use tens of gigabytes in size.

The SSD fills very quickly because it is small. We expected it to come with at least a 1TB of storage space. 

The Xbox Series S should target 1080p to 1440p gaming, with upscaling. This means that it does not need to render an image at native 4K like the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series S is an all-digital console and comes with a disc drive. 

 We expect the Xbox Series S to function as a dedicated streaming box for Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service.

If you need the best console power, this Xbox is not for you. Go for the Xbox Series X. However, if you are strapped for cash or not a diehard Xbox fan, the Xbox Series S is for you.



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