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Secret Tips To Buy Your Jewelry Online

A question people always ask me How To Buy Jewelry Online?

I am a lazy programmer, and like to surprise my girlfriend on her special day with jewelry, however I hate shopping malls especially when the purpose is to buy girl staff… Again I am an electronics geek remember?

So how do I still maintain a healthy relationship? The answer is simbuy jewelryple, I buy all my Jewelry gifts to my girlfriend online. Here I will teach you some simple basics & secret tips of how to do it safe and clever, so nobody will be messing with you, like a jewelry master.

Main Reasons to Buy Jewelry Online

You are a guy and have no interest at all about jewelry…. You are a lazy girl who likes shopping online… You want to maximize your time and save time on queeing in huge lines, transport and ice-creams you generally buy after you shopping. You simply want to save money as Jewelry shops tends to have huge rent fees & also online you can compare prices and get even a cheaper deal, as long as you didn’t go to a jewelry shop and was tempted to buy this beauty, because once you find something you like in real life it is hard to search for it on the internet.

Size Matters

Online Images of Jewelry can be misleading, This diamond ring looks professional HUGE and amazing, till you order it and the delivery man hands you a tiny envelope just to find this tiny tiny ring you didn’t expected because it was shot with a Huge Tele Len, and a magnifier. Don’t fall into this old traps, read the small text in the website how big it is and make sure it answers your expectation, a ratio should be shown close to each image and if not drop them an email to let you know the real size of this masterpiece jewelry.

Read Reviews

Not sure about the brand or its quality? How can you? after all it’s just a gift to your girlfriend and jewelry was never you #1 passion. Get your hands dirty and start researching and reading reviews about this brand, is it real? does it make fake jewelry? what others say about the quality of the products they create? don’t be afraid to read several sources and ask in the forums…

You need a Warranty

Make sure before you buy this expensive jewelry that they provide some kind of guarantee and warranty after all you spend all your hard earning money on this piece of jewelry art, and you want to be covered…

Change Policy

Be sure to check if you bought the wrong ring or bracelet jewelry size can you change it free of charge? after all we are not really experts in buying jewelry we just want our loved ones to enjoy a perfect size ring.

Shop on Black-Friday Or Sales

Try to get advantage of the holidays maybe new year or Christmas or Black Friday if you smart enough and want to save a lot of money combine the timing of your gifts around this huge craze and sales all around the world jewelry shops are willing to drop as much as 70% just to sell more on these special times.

Hope the way I buy to my girlfriend her jewelry will intrigue you to buy yourself or the one you love and save some cash on the way.

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Top Secrets of How to Buy your Dream Computer

Want to buy a new computer? Here is a good place to start your journey towards this amazing purchase experiencebuy computer. I will through here a few tips & tricks how I choose my next computer, as a computer programmer I can help you choose the right PC for you…

Determine Your Needs

You can literally spend endless money on a computer, even if you had the money why should you spend so much for features that you don’t even need? So first determine what will you be using this computer for? Are you a graphic designer and need a strong GPU card? are you a programmer and need a crazy CPU power? or you just a casual user who want to enjoy some movies and read/response to several emails and social media post?

Go & See

It’s extremely important to love how the computer feels and looks like, go to your friends or a shop, touch and feel different computers and decide what feel do you want when you play along with this box?

Mobile or StandAlone

Decide what type of computer would you need, are you gonna be with it on the GO, planes, trains, metros, work from different coffee shops? then you are really searching for a laptop. However if you gonna use it from one place your home or office then you are looking for a Desktop or a Standalone Computer. The tradeoff? mobile computers or laptops are cooler smaller, lighter and more beautiful however they are much slower than desktops. Desktops are bigger and therefore the producer has more spaces in the box and can put faster and more reliable hardware. So if you do not move with it anyway why not get more speed? moreover laptops tend to have more fixes in future as you move with them you are likely to drop them or bang them just like a mobiel phone. So what will be your choice?

What operating system would you like?

Some people like Apple or Mac, some prefer Linux and Some Windows, there are many operating systems nowadays and each one of us prefers or is forced to use one of them due to his job requirements, check that the model of computer you buy comes pre-installed with your favorite operating system. Otherwise? you will have to pay licence for another operating system (which you already paid as it was included in the price of the computer you bought at the first place) moreover you will have to go through the headache of installing an operating system again and formatting your PC which can lead to issues… so why not just buy it with the operating system you like?

What Screen-Size you will be Using?

Some of us like huge screens, and some feel intimidated by them. We are all different,  make sure your model comes with your favorite screen size. Be warn that the bigger screen size in laptops make the battery last much shorter time, so you will have less hours of mobility and you will need to run faster to find this free socket  slot. Also the bigger the screen the more radiation and generally more headache after long hours of working.

What Screen Type would you like?

This is if you decided to go for a laptop, there are 2 types of screen Matt and Glossy. I personally prefer Matt one as I like working in front of the beach, my first computer was Glossy and I couldn’t work outside as the reflection of the sun disrupted my screen, and I could barely see anything.

Matt one almost solves this problem entirely. Also many people don’t like how the movie graphics are played in a Matt screen me personally love it! I think it looks even better and more real than glossy. But this is up to you to decide? if you work indoors you can go for either of them matter of preferences, if you work outdoors you can only go with the Matt.

Also make sure that the brightness gets to high level in your future laptop brand, some brands really don’t do a good job in Brightness and you need a dark place to see anything on your screen.

Read Reviews

Almost needless buy important to say, Go Online and search for real reviews, not the fake ones. Read reviews from many sources and make sure your computer doesn’t have many negative opinions some computers come with so many bugs in design which cannot be solved with future patches. go to the forums and dig & read.

Hope this basic tips will provide you a start of how to buy your next computer, and how to pin point the one of your choice. Good luck!


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5 Tips to Buy Digital Camera

Buy Digital CameraPanasonic DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with Lumix G Vario 14-140mm Lens

If you are like me an intermediate photographer who enjoys taking photos of exceptional trips around the world but is still confused of the huge variety of digital cameras you can buy nowadays in the market, then this may be the most important blog you have ever read…

Confused Already? How Do I Start?

Go Offline we still don’t live in a total virtual world

First go offline, go to your favorite shop touch and feel what you buy. Yes appearance isn’t everything and don’t judge the book by it’s cover is easy to say. But the truth is that we all like a camera that will look beautiful, tangible and comfortable to hang and hold, after all you will be taking a lot of photos with it, and if the camera isn’t comfortable then it’s a no. Having amazing camera that look ugly will not project the best experience you could have. So go to the shop touch & feel the cameras you could potentially have and write it down, or take a snapshot of it.

Get Back Online Read  Reviews

There are so much material on the internet, real people that bought your camera, and can tell positive or negative story, do some research take your time, make sure it is real people writing the reviews and not the brand itself hiring fake reviewers. If it looks to good to be true it’s probably is, Get your reviews from different online sources and not only one, even big review sites can be tempted to write a fake review or to prettify the bad characteristics of a digital camera for some cash to run the business. So get your hands dirty take the list of cameras you wrote in the shop and dig online, dig deep so you will not buy a dream rather than a reality.

View The Actual Pictures this Camera Can Take

This is the coolest trick a friend of mine taught me, you can actually search Google Images, Bing or any other Images website, with your camera model name for instance “Animals photo for Nikon XXX” where xxx is the model you want to buy. Then you can simply view the image taken by the camera of your dreams, and see if you like it? as simple as it sounds. If you are still confused you can compare the image quality between your top 3 favorite camera models, see which output you like the best, this one can be your future camera… Just take few days to view and review the images consult with your mates ask them which image looks the best and why. Take your time as you don’t buy camera every day. Do you?

Megapixels is not everything

Cameras producers treats as like a baby, they came up with Megapixels and convince us to think that the more is the better why? They are stuck in the past and it is too costly to change the marketing campaign efforts that is so rooted in us. Megapixels used to be important in the past when the cameras barely had 2MP. Nowadays each camera on the market has plenty of Megapixels and it doesn’t make a difference anymore. So what does matter? There are so many other factors in a camera that are important. What lens does it have? is it will known brand or not? What Sensor does it have, which brand? Which is the sensor size? is it full frame? bigger sensor has much better image quality than smaller sensor. Which digital processing algorithm does your camera have? some cameras with worse lens & sensor are still able to take better images due to the digital processing they are doing on the image to make up for worse hardware. So looks at all the other parameters and ignore the Megapixel old and inaccurate slogan.


Choose good LensEasycover Panasonic GH5 / GH5s Black

A camera without a Len is not a camera… There are many types of lens in the market, decide first which lens are you gonna use? Do you need interchangeable lens or are you fine with just one? Are you more of a portrait photographer, Landscape or Sport photographer, by the types of photos you will shoot you can determine which len would you like, check the len reviews on the internet and  view the lens produced photos, if you just want one len without changing lens, you can buy a much cheaper camera, that support an all in one Len, make your study here and decide which photos will you shoot?

Hope these tips will help you decide and determine the future of your photography experience, enjoy and buy digital camera which will you use and care, so it be to fulfill all your needs in photography.

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7 Steps to buy wireless headphones

How to get the ideal headphones…

Headphones are the most useful gadget if you know how to choose the right one for you….
You wear them everywhere you go, and some fanatics even go to the toilet with them.  A good pair of headphones can improve the quality of your music experience, here are some key points of how to choose the best one for you.

Buy Your First Headphones

wireless headphones for tv for hard of hearing
wireless headphones for tv for hard of hearing

Most important things that will help you to choose the right headphones…

  • How will you use your wirless headphones? What kind of headphones are you looking for? Airplane blocking noise, hearphones for running and not seawting in them so they don’t fall off?
  • What type of headphones do you prefer? In-ear that sit inside your ears, or outside? comfortable or small and less comforable?
  • Do you want a wire with them? If they have a cable generally the sound quality is better as the full signal is transmitted, no cale wireless, less quality sound but more comfort when you wear them without a cable hanging around…
  • Choose a famous brand. We test different brands, choose one that is popular and has good name in the market rather than a cheap one that the battery will go off after a while.

Tip 1. Identify how you will use your headphones.

Will you listen in a room quiet environment or on the street when it is noisy?  how long will you be using them without removing it, some headphones get really uncomfortable after a while…

Tip 2: Choose the right headphone type.

There are 3 types over-ear, in-ear, and on ear, which one is right for you?

Over-ear Headphones

They are the classic one, the most comfortable in which you can sit for hours without a pain, all the others are smaller but not comfortable.

Tip 3: Closed or Open-Back Headphones?

Closed Back headphones are recommended since you will feel in your own world, listening to music without the background noise of your mother calling you, they are almost as quiet as noise canceling earphones.

Tip 4: Wired or wireless?

We Recommend Wired as the music signal will be much better and you will save a lot on radiation using bluetooth, it may be minor radiation but if you are like us listening to music 5 hours a day it all accumulates. The only instance we will use a wireless is when you have to run and use music for your training.

Tip 5: Noise cancelation.

If you got the money for it we really recommend it. Especially if you travel a lot in noisy places like trains, airplanes metro, not so much recommended if you are at your own house as you will pay this premium for nothing. The way it works it emits sound waves that cancel the environment noises around you, surrounding you like in a bubble, no other sound will penetrate this bubble. Unless it is a non-monotonous sound which is different story all in all it will filter most of the environment noise and you won’t believe how well it works.

Tip 6. Bluetooth & Sound Quality

Generally Bluetooth quality is not as good as cable or wired quality, as the bluetooth doesn’t transmit all the music frequency range, so like a zip file many sounds are lost in the compression algorithm causing you to lose experience, we highly recommend to use a cable one, although it is not as cool as bluetooth the sounds you will capture in your head are unmatchable. Again as said above bluetooth also has radiation that in the long run will harm your body and lead to cancer, so be warned and be safe, use a cable instead.

Hope those tips & tricks will not only help you buy your new headphones or earphones, but also help you to enjoy a music & sound experience like was never enjoyed before!

Choose Smart, Be Safe.

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