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A Complete Guide To Men’s Fragrances

A Complete Guide to Popular Fragrances

When it comes to a complete guide to men’s fragrances, a lot of brand names come to mind.  Artistry and chemistry collided in this special science of men’s fragrances.

A Complete Guide

These fragrances come with appreciation and respect. However, the journey to discovering the right signature scent may not be easy.

The fragrance saturated market and jargon hindrance that many don’t understand makes hard to pick.

We have found ways to go around the mystifying smoke and mirrors of these fragrances. We have information that will get you better informed and armed to pick your taste.

A Complete Guide to Types Of Men’s Fragrances

A complete guide of the different types of fragrances for men is essential to pick your right scent for you.

To find the right fragrance’s concentration, you should understand a few things. When it’s too light, the scent fades away fast.

When you buy an intense fragrance, it will last longer, but may give you a cracking headache. For you to understand the perfect concentration for you,  learn how fragrances are made.

With a complete guide of how these fragrances are designed, you learn that the lesser the ratio of alcohol to oil, the more persistent and stronger the fragrance is.

The Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche known as fresh water is a lightweight scent and contains the lowest concentration of oil at 1-3%.  Water is used to dilute the scent instead of alcohol.

 These fragrances stay with you for around 1-2 hours. They are suitable for a temporary after bath spritz.

A complete guide of how different fragrances are made shows you the right fragrant scent for you.

A Complete Guide

The Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne has a height of snobbery because of its less amount of oil concentration at 2-4%. The fragrance lasts around 2-40 hours before it evaporates. It’s a three dimensional in its formulation because alcohol is used to dilute it predominantly.

Learn to differentiate cologne with the eau de cologne. Cologne talks about a masculine smell or scent.

How Can a Complete Guide Help You Pick Your Fragrance?

If you don’t have a complete guide on something that’s ever evolving, it may be daunting to make a good purchase choice.

Fragrances come in many shades and scents. You may think that men wake up and pull out any fragrance for their use. That’s far from the truth.

Men have their individual preference in fragrance. This complete guide will help you pick your signature scent easily.

The Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette is popular around the world. This fragrance known as EDT has 5-15% concentration of oil. The scent can last for the whole day.

Most men wear EDT to work or events because the scent lingers longer. It comes in different flavors and doesn’t cost much to purchase.

The Eau de Parfum

A complete guide to the use of fragrances will tell you that women love eau de parfum. It has an oil concentration of around 15-20%. It can last up to 5 hours.

The innate complexity of the fragrance endears it to many users. Both men and women have found solace in its scent.

Most of us don’t look at the type of fragrance formulation we use. If the fragrant scent is sweet, we tend to pick such fragrance.

However, with this guide, you will know the differences among the men’s fragrances in the market. If you don’t like the aforementioned fragrances, maybe you will love this:

A Complete Guide

The Parfum/Extrait de Parfum

The Extrait or Parfum de Parfum stands out with 20-30% oil to other mixers.  It comes with the highest level of scent concentration.

If you are a fragrance or perfume aficionados, you will love this fragrance. A complete guide to men’s fragrance isn’t complete with the Parfum de Parfum.

Like a Cuban cigar or fine cognac, it stays in the air longer even when you leave an environment.  The scent lingers on your skin until you take a shower.

For people who need a bold presence at an event and wouldn’t want to smell less, Parfum de Parfum gives you an edge.

Be the fashion-savvy man when you pick any of these fragrances for your outings.  They come in different scents and flavors.