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Best Digital Cameras Buyer Guide

Best Digital Cameras

Best Digital Cameras Guide

Some of the best digital cameras give us opportunities to take better photos and store memories in hard copies.  

Best Digital Cameras

These cameras come from high-end medium to pocket-friendly shooters format systems. The idea camera for you should suit your preference and purpose of buying it.

Today, buying a great digital camera has become a different experience compared to what was obtainable a few years ago.

Smartphone cameras are giving the best digital cameras a run for their sharpness and quality. This has forced the budget pocket shooters, buyers, to be fewer. 

Some of these budget pocket shooters are not common and exceptional again. Meanwhile, we see the SLRs take the back seat to make way for the smaller and lighter mirrorless cameras. 

Thanks to the superior video performance on average and the wider autofocus coverage of these mirrorless cameras. 

Do you want the pocket-friendly cameras? These cameras might cost a bit to get a better one than the smartphone. 

We see a few pocket power zooming cameras on the camera, but if you want cameras with super-zoom power, you should go for the bridge models. 

Professional photographers go for the best digital cameras. Canon and Nikon take the front stage when it comes to amazing cameras. 

What to Know About Best Digital Cameras

We have different types of best digital cameras on the market. The criteria for buying often depend on your budget and your purpose of buying. 

We should know that lenses play a vital role in the life of a camera. However, smartphones have made it easier for everyone to have a camera in their pockets.

Gone are the days when best digital cameras were in the hands of a few. Some smartphones have powerful cameras that produce high-quality photos and videos.

Best Digital Cameras

These smartphones have hurt the entry-level point-and-shoot cameras demand. 

 Take for instance; smartphones such as iPhone 11 Pro and other models have better cameras compared to the low-cost cameras.

If you are professional, the best digital cameras should be your target. Some of these cameras cost up to tens of thousands. However, you can start with low-cost cameras as low as $100.

The slimline shooters pack zoom lenses set best digital cameras apart from any smartphones. 

What Camera Should a Beginner Photographer Buy?

For automatic operation, basic point-and-shoots and smartphones are designed for such tasks. 

For those who want photography as a hobby or want to go pro, they may want to go for the best digital cameras.

How do You Shop for Best Digital Cameras

What do you look at when you shop for the best digital cameras? You should know what you want from a digital camera before you buy one.

The size of the camera is important. You should not buy a bulky camera that you cannot carry around.  

Best Digital Cameras

Another factor to consider is the connectivity. When you take pictures, you can find a way of taking them out of the camera to other gadgets for storing or printing.

You should achieve this task within minutes without difficulty. The best digital cameras with guided interfaces are perfect for your ease of use. 

Today, we have affordable and expensive best digital cameras on the market. Whether you want to take wildlife pictures or portrait pictures, you need the right camera to do that.

Some cameras are designed to perform some special functions like the underwater, sports, or even the wildlife shootings.

Photographers pick their niche and specific cameras too. If you want the right the perfect camera for your craft, you need to read reviews of some of these cameras.

The number of best digital cameras on the market is numerous to count. We have seen very expensive cameras and affordable ones. 

If there is something we love about these modern cameras, it is the ease of use. Technology has made things easier for camera owners. 

We see the way the latest models come with a smart interface and lens. If you are not going pro, you might want to save money from buying the most expensive best digital cameras.

Some of these expensive cameras are complicated and full of extraordinary features you may not need for your armature photography.



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Sony ZV-1: A Portable Vlogging Camera

Sony ZV-1

Sony ZV-1 Review

The Sony ZV-1 is incredibly forgiving with stunning features and specs. When you want a camera that stands out in its vlogging functionality, this Sony camera is for you.

Sony ZV-1

We have seen countless cameras that we use for different purposes. However, when it comes to bringing you out to the world, some cameras like the ZV-1 take the shine.

This camera is specially designed for those who love shooting videos of their vlogging or themselves. Sony ZV-1 is relatively light and small to move around with. 

It has a high-quality built-in microphone, flip-around screen, powerful autofocus, and stabilization.


  • The camera is lightweight and small.
  • It has fast autofocus with reliable eye/ face tracking
  • The camera features a built-in high-quality microphone
  • It comes with a fully articulating screen
  • The video quality is good


  • Sony ZV-1 lens should be wider
  • It has no headphone port
  • It comes with limited touch screen functions

What Do You Know about Sony ZV-1?

The Sony ZV-1 is designed for vlogging and it is perfect for this job. It has a lightweight body, flip-out display, built-in high-quality microphone, excellent photo quality, and best-in-class autofocus.

The camera’s 24-70mm lens is sharp, even though it should have been a little wider. 

Body and Handling

The ZV-1 is an unusual mix of technology with a smallish 1-inch 20.1-megapixel sensor and fixed 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8mm (equivalent) lens. 

What this means is that the camera is not versatile or great as a mirrorless camera. However, if you want to record your vlogging, it comes handy.

The Sony ZV-1 has features you may not see on most high-end mirrorless cameras. The built-in microphone with a built-in “dead-cat” muffler helps eliminate wind noise.

Sony provides you with a kit with a shooting grip and a 64GB SD card. With this gadget, you have control for features like recording and zooming.

You can make use of the touch display to help you set a focus for tracking point. However, you do not control the quick or main menus. This might be challenging to change controls during your vlogging.

Sony ZV-1

The ZV-1 comes with a plastic body and it is not weatherproof. You wouldn’t make use of it in a storm.

 It has a single USH-I SD card slot and there is not enough space if you want to use two cards at once. 

The ZV-1 is not ideal for your burst photo shooting. It has another downside in its nearly obsolete micro-USB instead of the modern USB-C port. 

 When you charge directly from Sony ZV-1, it is a bit slow.

Sony ZV-1 Performance

When you want to shoot video with the Sony ZV-1, you can use the 24-70 mm f/2.8-4 lens. The 24mm may not be wide enough for zooming level when it comes to vlogging.

The ZV-1 is extraordinary unlike most Sony cameras when it comes to storing gyroscopic data. One of the best features of ZV-1 is its autofocus that tracks moving subjects perfectly. 

 Vlogging needs eye and face detection, which is what the camera gives you. It also has animal eye AF for numerous wildlife and pets shootings. 

Sony ZV-1 has the product showcase that allows you flaunt products during vlogging. It instantly focuses on any objects placed in front of its camera instead of your face.

The background defocus of the camera is an amazing autofocus feature that opens up its aperture for amazing shootings.

The camera has a built-in neutral density (ND) filter for outdoors shootings. You will love the soft skin effect if you are vlogger. It makes use of the AI to smooth out skin issues or any blemishes.

Sony ZV-1

Image quality 

The Sony ZV-1 offers you excellent video quality and shoot videos with a sensor that can sample up to 4K. The video is clear and sharp without jagged lines or color fringing.

This camera offers the realistic hues you want during your vlogging shootings.


We know that no camera is perfect. Sony ZV-1 could get a makeover from a wider-angle lens to help you with the active stabilization feature

If Sony provides a proper touchscreen and a headphone port, it could stand out better among similar vlogging cameras.

You can get this vlogging camera if you need something that will give your work a professional outlook.



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Best Cameras for Travelers

Best Cameras

Best Cameras For Your Traveling

Some of the best cameras for tourists or travelers have become popular over the years.  Most travelers love the bridge models for their globetrotters.

Best Cameras

The bridge models come with a wide zoom range to give users the freedom of not fumbling with the camera lens changes.

For travelers who want a pocket-friendly camera, they want to experiment with the Olympus TG-6 because of its tough build and bright lens.

Types of Best Cameras For Your Traveling

We have listed some cameras you may want to travel with and capture that memorable experience.

If you want to have an amazing time during your vacation, you may want to try the Sony RX100 model.

 If you do not like moving around with large cameras, you may want to make use of a great mirrorless camera along with some lens.

This type of camera can fit into small bags and have amazing image quality. The Sony a6100 may be the option for those who want to make use of such portable camera.

You can make use of the stylish Fujifilm X-E3 if you want something chic and cool for your traveling.

Most of us consider mirrorless best cameras and SLRs as separate classes.  However, we have to clear the air about this notion.

You don’t compromise performance when you make use of the mirrorless cameras. These best cameras come with image quality and autofocus by swapping the SLR without flipping mirrors.

We can tell you that we are a little disappointed because some of the mirrorless features like the wireless connectivity and tilting touch screen displays have not made way to SLRs.

Canon has improved in its video autofocus in its SLRs models, but it is pricier.   If you are familiar with the concept of the mirrorless cameras, you will know how they work.

They lack mirrors that allow the camera to direct light to the camera’s optical viewfinder from their lens.  However, SLRs give you that feature.

Cameras without the mirror box offer slimmer designs with more accurate autofocus and few moving parts.  The newer best cameras of this mirror come with fast autofocus.

Best Cameras

What You Should Know About Best Cameras

For tourists who are not bothered about best cameras viewfinder, and make use of the LCD for their frame shots, they can purchase mirrorless cameras under $500.

Some of these mirrorless cameras come with the kit lens.  Different manufacturers prefer their own lens formats.

 We can recommend the Sony mirrorless cameras and go for the Sony E and FE lenses. If you want, the Fujifilm cameras come with the X lens system.

We have an exception to this, the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system. Panasonic and Olympus share this lens format. Some companies make use of these specialized cinema cameras too.

The MFT sensor format comes in a 4:3 aspect ratio, while some SLRs go for the 3:2 ratio and slightly smaller ratio.

For the entry-level SLRs that come with the traditional optical viewfinders, you can go for Pentax, Nikon, and Canon.

Sony has some best cameras models that utilize the Minolta A-mount, and make use of the electronic viewfinders.

Best Cameras

If you are good with cameras, you should know that the traditional SLRs best cameras have challenges with their video autofocus.

The contrast-based methods need the focus point to move beyond the camera’s  crisp focus and return to it to lock on. This can be a distraction when following moving subjects.

SRL best cameras have improved on this by making use of lenses with Stepping Motors or Pulse that is smoother and quieter during focus.

  However, they are below what we get from most mirrorless cameras. The MFTs best cameras can use Panasonic or Olympus lenses that offer them a leg up when it comes to pure lenses.

Some of the pure lenses include the extreme telephoto primes and zoom, fish-eye, and ultra-wide angle.

 Fujifilm has a powerful library of lenses for your best cameras like the 100-400mm zoom. You can pair this with a teleconverter for even more reach.

The Sony’s best cameras mirrorless system make use of the same lens mount for its APS-C (E) and full-frame (FE) lenses.

These are some of the best cameras you can make use of for your globe-trotting.