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Apple Watch 6 Buyer Guide

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 Guide

What do you know about the Apple Watch 6? The Apple Watch 6 is a newcomer for those who want to experience the top-of-the-range model.

Apple Watch 6 starts at £379. It cost £1,449, for the watch with the lux Hermès versions. If you have the Series 5 or 3, you can access most of its features. 

Apple Watch 6

Some of these features include the cycle direction, sleep tracking, and family setup. If you have the aforementioned series, you may not want an upgrade in your watch. 

However, those with Series 3 and want the ECG app, they can get the Series 6. The latest watch comes with a blood oxygen sensor and a U1 chip.

The S6 chip comes with amazing features that may not be in the lower series. 

Apple Watch 6 Design

 The Apple Watch 6 has three materials: brushed titanium, polished stainless steel, and aluminum, and comes in 11 colors.

The graphite stainless steel replaced the Space Black, and there is a new gold stainless steel finish is jewelry inspired appearance. 

The S6 chip is 20% faster than the previous S5 series and comes with a more efficient energy design. 

The uptick in its speed navigation is most welcome. However, when you run it all through the night for your sleep tracking, it loses its 14% charging.

The superfast charging gives it an edge over other series. An exciting addition in Apple Watch 6 is its U1 chip that was seen in the iPhone 11 series.

You may not use the U1 chip now because it is among the promise of features to come. Apple called this ultra-wideband (UWB), a “GPS on room-scale.” 

This wizardry is what everyone wants to use. With the UWB on your Apple Watch 6, you can start or open your car when you walk up to it.

Apple Watch 6

Mind-blowing feature(s)

 The improved battery performance of the Apple Watch 6 and always-on Retina display that is 2.5 times brighter than Series 5 are amazing features.

These features ensure that the S6 is easier to live with. The battery is strong and powerful for your activities with it. 

The brighter screen, better battery, blood 02 tracking faster charging, U1, and s6 chips are some of the killer features of the watch.

Some of its downsides include no radical design and song and podcast management.

For starters, we have the Xiaomi Mi Watch, Amazfit Bip S, and the Huawei Watch Fit. Oppo went for Apple Watch with a similar name- Oppo Watch.

Apple Watch 6

However, Apple Watch 6 comes with iterative upgrades aplenty. The blood oxygen sensor is amazing, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The process of taking your blood oxygen reading is within 15 seconds. This happens while the Apple Watch 6 shows you some animation to watch.

The watch measures your blood oxygen periodically. It does this when you are not on the move. 

We know that blood oxygen is not as dramatic as the ECG feature; however, it adds an amazing health capability to the Apple Watch 6.

This mini iPhone is something most people with health crisis will appreciate. However, Apple was unable to fix some old challenges with its watches in this S6.

Organizing downloaded podcasts and music to the Apple Watch 6 can be challenging. You find it difficult to handle your downloaded stuff in the watch.

In addition, you may find it hard to delete things. These points are what negates the major selling point for this watch.

However, you can download the audio to this watch if you reside where the phone reception is poor. 

Should you buy this Apple Watch 6? 

If you have the Series 5 and happy with it, you may stick to it. 

However, for those who are new to using Apple Watch, or owns the older models, you may think of getting Apple Watch 6.

The S6 is faster with amazing features you will love to experiment with and enjoy. For people who want their health to be on the check, this watch has something for them.

Apple refined its S6 to meet the huge demand of its fans. It comes with lots of improvements over the older series

If you are yet to buy this watch, it is a smart move for those who are new to Apple Watch.


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6 Best James Bond Watches

Best James Bond Watches

Best James Bond Watches Of All Time 

The best James Bond watches come in stunning designs and features. Many people love James Bond’s inspired watches that are rare and expensive.

James needs no long introduction. He has been our favorite spy, who saves the world no matter how dangerous the mission seems.

 Best James Bond Watches

He has been in the service to the British government, under Her Majesty for decades, and has defeated the worst villains on earth.

The spy loves some special watches that everyone covets for when they see them. The Explorer Ref 1016 is one of the watches James love in his movies. 

Over the years, we have seen some great watches inspired by James. In 1965, We saw James with a Breitling Top Time. The watch was used as a Geiger counter in the movie.  

The watch was advanced with a large water-resistant casing.

The watch was used by James to turn up at his car boot sale in 2013. The watch ended up as an expensive watch that sold for £103,875. Best James Bond watches such as the Submariner has made its mark on the wrists of some of the wealthy men in the world. 

Best James Bond Watches You’ll Love to Buy

 Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is one of the best James Bond watches you will love to wear. 

The watch was seen on the wrist of James in the movies “Dr. No,” “Goldfinger, “From Russia With Love,” and,” Thunderball”

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a renowned timepiece and sold at auction for $60,000.

This watch was believed to a personal possession for the spy. Who would not want to have this watch today?

Best James Bond Watches

Gruen Precision 510

The best James Bond watches come in different forms and functionality. The Greun Precision 510 was seen in the movies “You Only Live Twice” and “Dr. No.” 

We know that the Rolex Submariner is synonymous with the early adventures of the spy, but Gruen “Precision was the first watch he used on-screen.

In 1977, the manufacturers of the watch went out of business, even though they were a big watch brand in the United States of America.      

Seiko LC Quartz Digital Wristwatch DK001, 0674‑5009

In 1977, James went for the Seiko 0674-5009 in the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. It came with a ticker-tape messaging system. 

The watch served James on his difficult mission in the movie.  

Hamilton Pulsar P2/2900 “Astronaut”

 In “Live and Let Die, ” James used the Hamilton Pulsar P2/2900 “Astronaut.” The watch appears like a Jetson family microwave. 

When the watch was manufactured, the watch was technically ahead of its era. The movie brought the watch to the limelight. 

The timepiece was ditched when the LCD screens were introduced to watches. 

 Best James Bond Watches

Breitling Top Time

The Breitling Top Time was seen in the movie, “Thunderball.” This watch seemed to have disappeared and we forget about it.

However, in 2013, the watch surfaced during a car boot auction. This watch sold for $160,383 because this was the first watch James was issued by the “Q” branch. 

The watch came with a handy Geiger counter to search for atomic bombs stolen in the movie by SPECTRE.

TAG Heuer Professional 200M

The best James Bond watches come in the form of TAG Heuer Professional 200M, seen in the movie “The Living Daylights in 1987.”

This Tag Heuer model was embedded in mystery until the watch was discovered to the coveted Professional 200M.

The Best James Bond Watches You Should Possess

Omega Seamaster 300M

Movies like “The World is Not Enough,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and “Goldeneye” saw James with Omega Seamaster 300M.

If you want some of the best James Bond Watches to rock, this watch is a class on its own. Omega created an aluminum dial that replicates the brown tropical hue dials.

On the back of the case is a series of numbers that follow a format for military-issues timepieces. 

These six best James Bond watches were designed to fit James into many roles. If you are lucky to lay hands on any of these watches, you cannot trade it for less.

These watches have become iconic. We hope that the future movies offer us more amazing best James Bond watches.



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Cartier vs. Rolex for Best Watches

Cartier vs. Rolex

Cartier vs. Rolex: Who Makes the Better Watch?

Are you undecided on Cartier vs. Rolex watch? Do you love the two brands that you do not know the brand to buy its watch?

Cartier vs. Rolex  

We have made it easier for you to pick the ideal watch from the two brands. Both of the brands are well respected and recognized around the world.

What makes the difference between these watchmakers? Do you know how to compare the two brands and pock the better of them?

Cartier vs. Rolex Comparison

When it comes to Cartier vs. Rolex, we have to make a comparison to prove that one of these brands make the best watches.

Rolex Watches

The Rolex brand makes a huge noise when it comes to wristwatches. The brand is the #1 most recognized Swiss watch brand. 

It boosts stunning horological innovations and super expensive watches that are exclusively reserved for the wealthy. 

For those who want the high-end watch, they might want to go for Rolex watches. Cartier vs. Rolex in watch creations depends on the benefits you get their watches.


Rolex has become the most recognized luxury watch in the world. However, in your Cartier vs. Rolex, you have other factors to consider.

The Accuracy

Rolex brand makes sure that their watches pass through rigorous experiments or testing to ensure they are accurate.

The watches are extremely accurate compared to some of the highly respected COSC chronometers. 

The Resell Value

Cartier vs. Rolex, Rolex watches have a great resale value compared to Cartier watches.

The Selection

Rolex offers a wide selection of watches in production and more on the open market.


The Case Shapes

The latest model Rolex watches come with round case shape. If you are lucky, you will find other case shapes. 

When it comes to Cartier vs. Rolex, Cartier comes with different case shapes you will love.

Cartier vs. Rolex

The Price

For Rolex, its entry-level has a list price that is twice the price of any entry-level Cartier watch.

The Quartz Watches

When you want to compare Cartier vs. Rolex, understand that you may find it a little hard to find any quartz-powered Rolex watch. 

However, Cartier boosts of many of this quartz watch.

How to Separate Cartier vs. Rolex in Your Comparison

Cartier Watches

Cartier is one of the top brands on earth with a strong influence in high fashion. It added watchmaking to its skills when the pocket watches were trending.

Most people consider Cartier as a fashion brand compared to a luxury watchmaker. Over the years, Cartier has produced iconic and horological innovations watches.


The Case Sizes

When you talk about Cartier vs. Rolex, the Cartier watches offer you many case sizes ranging from 28mm for women to 44mm for men.

Rolex has smaller watches with case sizes ranging from 31mm to about 42mm.

Cartier vs. Rolex

The Case Shapes

We have aforementioned that Cartier watches offer every available shape and allow you to pick your choice.

The Price

When it comes to Cartier vs. Rolex, the Cartier watches are affordable compared to Rolex. If you have a tight budget, Cartier watches might be your choice. 

The Quartz Watches

While Rolex might not produce the Quartz watches again, Cartier offers you some of the most prestigious quartz watches including the mechanical watches.


Brand Recognition

Cartier vs. Rolex has a lot in common and differences. In brand recognition, Rolex takes the stance. Rolex watches are extremely expensive and rare to touch compared to Cartier watches.

The Accuracy

The Cartier’s mechanical watches are not as accurate as Rolex. The Cartier vs. Rolex comparison plays a vital difference here. 

If you want superlative chronometer watches, go for Rolex. 

The Resell Value

Cartier watches have less resell value compared to Rolex. However, they might not be bad when you compare their resell value to some other high-end watch brands

The Selection

Cartier produces watches in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some come with diamonds while those come without diamonds.

You can pick one of their watches in 18kt Rose Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold, 18kt White gold, Stainless Steel, and more. Rolex does not have this luxury.

You can decide the type of Cartier vs. Rolex watch you want from these few comparisons we have made.