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Xbox Series S : A Secret Gamers Weapon

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S : A Cheaper Xbox Alternative

Have you seen the Xbox Series S? Over the years, we have seen many Xbox come to life with amazing features. 

For gamers, the Xbox Series S is a dream comes true. While PS5 and Xbox Series X battle for supremacy, the Series S might be the secret weapon from Microsoft.

 Microsoft has produced another mind-blowing next-generation console that many people want to lay their hands. 

Xbox Series S

Many of us have headed about it or seen it in rumors and leaks respectively. We know that the Xbox Series X has the center stage, but the cost might discourage many gamers.

This brings the Xbox Series S to the stage. The Series S comes cheaper and it is an alternative for those who cannot cough out the cost of Series X.    

Are you looking for a dedicated gaming machine? The Series S might be what you need. The cost of the Xbox Series S is $299 in the US. 

In the U.K, you get it for £250. 

This makes the console one of the smallest and cheapest Xbox ever. The cost of the Series S is amazing and many gamers will go for it.

For those who cannot get the complete amount, they can jump onto the Xbox All Access that offers it at a mere $25 a month. 

The subscription-based system allows you to make use of the console without buying the Xbox outright. You get access to the Xbox Game Pass too. 

However, Microsoft is yet to unveil the preorder details for this Series S. It would go live soon, and many people who go for this amazing game.

Xbox Series S

What You Should Know about Xbox Series S

The release date of the Xbox Series S has not been revealed, but it is sooner than we expect. Many people believed that it would come at the same time the Xbox Series X will be launched in November.

Even the launch date of Series X has not been revealed. We wait for the launch date of these two amazing consoles. 

The Specifications

Do you know the specification of the Series S? Microsoft is yet to tell us what we should expect from this console.

However, the leaks have given us something to know about the consoles. For the Series X, we got some specifications, but not the Series S.

We are yet to know if the Series S will come with a 4 teraflops. The most exciting detail about the Xbox Series S is that it can run games up to the 1440p resolution at 120fps. 

For gamers, this specification is amazing, especially at $299 console. This is why many gamers will go for this console.

If you are a gamer from the developing world, this console got you because of its affordable rate.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S delivers a variable refresh rate and variable rate shading. It is great for people who own televisions that support refresh rates beyond 60Hz. 

The Series S is expected to offer ray tracing and it should be a software-enabled take on its rendering when it uses DirectX instead of a custom dedicated hardware.

The Xbox Series X has its feature too. The upscaling for games and 4K media streaming is on the Series S cards. 

Xbox Series S Downsides

The Xbox Series S comes with a 512GB SSD. This size of SSD is a disappointment given that most games use tens of gigabytes in size.

The SSD fills very quickly because it is small. We expected it to come with at least a 1TB of storage space. 

The Xbox Series S should target 1080p to 1440p gaming, with upscaling. This means that it does not need to render an image at native 4K like the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series S is an all-digital console and comes with a disc drive. 

 We expect the Xbox Series S to function as a dedicated streaming box for Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service.

If you need the best console power, this Xbox is not for you. Go for the Xbox Series X. However, if you are strapped for cash or not a diehard Xbox fan, the Xbox Series S is for you.



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Best Gaming Routers for Family

Best Gaming Routers

Best Gaming Routers You Will Love 

Some of the best gaming routers are perfect for our household of digital devices, especially the ones that have games.

Whether you have an online game or more games, you need a router to give you internet access. However, you do need the best gaming routers to give your gaming traffic perfectly.

Best Gaming Routers

How do you buy a gaming router? With the number of top-rated gaming routers on the market, you might want to know how to pick the perfect router. 

For gaming enthusiasts, they know that speed is the watchword for playing games. You should know that gaming rigs are great only if you make use of the fastest and latest CPUs.

This is not the only thing you need to trick out. You need lots of memory, the best graphic cards, and the fastest solid-state drive (SSD).

While this combination might produce a fast machine, you have to understand that a crowded network can affect online gaming performance.

A crowded network with a connection that is handled by an old fashioned or overburdened wireless router cannot be among the best gaming routers.

Most of the home networks are now more expensive because of tax. The COVID-19 pandemic caused more tax on this network.

Before you think of getting your best gaming routers, find the one that will optimize your network.

How to Pick the Best Gaming Routers

Start with the Devices Connect

You should begin with the devices you have connected at home.

  A family’s connection can mean your router has oodles of tablets, phones, streaming devices, smart-home gear, and more.

This type of connection can affect your connectivity because of the load. The online gamers in your house have to compete for the bandwidth. 

The smart devices will equally compete for a slice of the router’s bandwidth, leading to subpar or unpredictable performance. 

When it comes to giving the best gaming routers priority, we should look at the Quality of Service (QoS) settings that allow you to allocate bandwidth to different devices or applications.

However, you may not get the optimization and gamer-centric settings from some of the best gaming routers. You should look for a dedicated gaming router for your use. 

Best Gaming Routers

If you discover that your network lag has messed with your gaming, find ways your gaming router can offer you a competitive edge.

Get the best gaming routers that best suit your budget, play style, and household.

How do you give your Best Gaming Routers Priorities?

With the QoS, you can give priorities to how your best gaming routers are used. The major difference between a typical consumer router and a gaming router makes the difference.

The best gaming routers tend to handle their bandwidth prioritization duties better. We know that all routers give us some level of Qos, ranging from WMM to VoIP.

The generic Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) extensions automatically prioritize your network packets by carrying data necessary for video conferencing apps and voice over IP (VoIP).

Best Gaming Routers

Some of the gaming routers offer you prioritization for some gaming applications and systems. This lets you select how you want people to use your bandwidth. 

This can be vital for people who have multiple online gamers on their best gaming routers feeders.

We have the best gaming routers that make use of advanced management console alongside a gamer-friendly user interface.

If you a gaming router with a Geo-Filter feature, it can help you reduce lag when it reduces the distance to the host servers you use. 

You set your home location on a map and specify the distance range. This helps you prevent servers and players outside of your range from hosting your game.

We have some customized software or program to help enhance online gaming performance.

You can make use of firmware from Tomato, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and others to allow your route to enhance the overall signal strength, prioritize bandwidth usage, and tack real-time usage.

 When it comes to the tri-band and dual-band, you should know how to pick your best gaming routers. A router should give at least two radio bands to offer you a great service.

You should look for the Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology when choosing your best gaming routers.



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Oculus Quest :The Future of VR

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest Guide

Oculus Quest is a virtual reality system designed to revolutionize the gaming world. If you want a VR gadget from the future, this gadget is what you need.

Oculus Quest

This VR system from Facebook has the all-in-one virtual reality gadget that will impress you.  It comes with revolutionary features that make gaming more exciting and fun.

Gaming has been transcended into something much more with its fully immersive user’s experience. You have not seen anything like this from any VR system.

What You Should Know About Oculus Quest

You don’t need any PC or wires to experience and explore the cutting edge games from this gadget.  The portability of Oculus Quest is second to none.

It has a full standalone system that can adapt to any environment. Over the years, the Oculus Quest gadget has matured in its technological advancement.

Oculus Quest

The VR system comes with the precision advanced Oculus Touch controllers for your gaming experience, positional audio, and motion sensing headset.

Oculus Quest has made virtual reality more accessible and has made home entertainment technology more appealing.

It is a high performance and affordable all-in-one virtual reality headset.

Key Features of Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest has technological innovation that will impress you. It is simple to set up.  With the Oculus mobile app, you explore the VR world.

You don’t need complicated processes or wires to make things work with this VR system. The key to the gadget’s complete immersion is from its in-built Oculus Insight tracking system.

This tracking system is powered by computer vision algorithms, and its ultra wide angle sensors. These bring your actual real world activities with incredible fluidity and accuracy.

It offers room scale monitoring procedure without any external sensor. With the tracking system, Oculus Quest can work in many indoor environments.

Whether you want to use a cramped back bedroom or a wide open hall, the VR system works perfectly with its Guardian system for gameplay and maximum safety.

This ensures that you decide the safe boundary line that stops you from colliding into nearby real objects while playing your game.

You can play the game in a stationary or sitting position. The incredible quality of the audio makes Oculus Quest, one of the best VR systems in the world.

The headset comes with in-built speakers for your positional audio and produces high detailed and nuanced sound for an extraordinary sense of spatial awareness.

For example, you can detect when someone is creeping up behind you and the direction the person is taking.  The system is very advanced for this.

How Do You Play With Oculus Quest?

Have you used an Oculus Quest before? The Oculus Quest freedom of moving around is next level.  You have no business with tethered wires.

Oculus Quest

You have six degrees of freedom (6DOF) monitoring system that let you move, duck, and rotate. The Oculus Insight technology interprets your actual movements or activities into virtual reality.

It does this with its inside-out tracking system. When you use the Oculus Touch controllers, the movements of your hand are replicated perfectly by your virtual in game games.

This happens with realistic and intuitive precision, and displays a sense of power, impact, and movement to gameplay.

The simplicity of Oculus Quest will amaze you with its playability and the hardware. It has up to 50 games for every type of game genre.

Some of the games you may love include the Oculus Rift, and SUPERHOT VR. These games are designed to give you a run for your creativity and skills.

Oculus Quest didn’t come to play average. This game is the futuristic gaming you may want to explore.

We have seen many VR games over the years, but this has taken the virtual world activities to its next level. Everything looks so real that you wouldn’t differentiate virtual from reality.

The standalone feature without wires or PC gives you the freedom you want from any VR system.

Oculus Quest is affordable and easy to use. Whether you are a pro or a novice, you can play many games from its library.

Finally, if you are a skilled gamer who wants something different, take advantage of the technological advancement of Oculus Quest and play your game.