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Best Android Phones Buyer Guide

Best Android Phones

Best Android Phones Tips For Buyers

Some of the best Android phones on the market have amazing features you may want to explore.

Best Android Phones

 If you think of switching from iPhone to Android, you may want to know some of the things Android offers.

How do you find the right smartphone for you?  With the number of phones to select from, you may have to do your research before picking your ideal phone.

Whether you want a small or big phone, top of the line or entry—level, Android has something for you. These smartphone have a flexible release cycle.

When to Buy Best Android Phones

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has messed some of scheduled phone releases, but this has not stopped handsets from trickling.

Google has made it easier with its partnership with some of the Android brands. Some of the best Android phones on the market will impress you with their functionalities and features.

For those who want the low-cost phones or a flagship, there are lineups that have everything you want in an Android phone.

You can get the best for an Android from $500 to $600. Some of these phones come with the best camera for your visuals.

Right now, for those who want the 5G technology in a mobile phone, they can go for these best Android phones.

We are expecting the first iPhone that will make use of the 5G soon.  Currently, there are three different types of 5G in operation. They include the high, middle, or low band.

In the US, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ handles the three types of 5G used by all the carriers in the country.

LG V60 and OnePlus 8 have special versions for Verizon.  Other best Android phones make use of the low and middle bands only.

These two phones make them better choices for the T-Mobile carrier. However,  not as much for the carrier AT&T, and for Verizon, none.

Best Android Phones

How Best Android Phones Work with 5G

As the months go on, more 5G Android phones have divided between the low and mid 5G bands that are affordable to manufacture.

The high band phones are more expensive to produce and require the services of Verizon. In truth, the 5G scene can stay confusing.

This is the reason we recommend buyers go for the Verizon OnePlus 8 and Galaxy S20+

The Right Size of Best Android Phones For You

Over the years, some of the best Android phones have shifted in shapes and sizes.  Many brands have moved to taller and narrower phones.

These shapes have made it easier for one-hand models to flourish with improbably large screen sizes.

We have many Android phones with screens ranging from 5.6 inches to over 6 inches in sizes. What does this mean? It means that we have to consider the width of the phone and the screen.

The tall and narrow phones are easier to  operate than phones that are wider. You should know that Androids are not designed to be equal.

Best Android phones like Samsung and LG have created their unique niches over the years.  For those who want an undulated Google experience, they can make use of the Pixel models.

OnePlus and Motorola have clean user interfaces, however, they include more invisible features to their phones.

Best Android Phones

The most current version, Android 10 (Q) is available in selected Android phones. You should not buy phones with earlier operating systems because of their serious security flaws.

The older an Android operating system, the more challenging it is to make use of it for any advanced work online.

Huawei is known as the second-biggest Android maker in the world. The phones under the brand are of high quality. However, the US government has banned Google services from it.

What this means is that you may not enjoy Google in the US if you have this Android phone. For those living in the United States of America, they consider other phones instead of Huawei.

A Carrier or Unlocked Android Phone?

What do you consider when buying best Android phones in the US? The carrier-old phones in the States have its benefits and cons.  However, if you want a direct phone with the freedom of switching from one carrier to another, you should go for the unlocked phones.


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