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Best Pillows Features to Know

Best Pillows

Best Pillows Buyers Guide

We know that best pillows are home items we cannot do away with when buying things for our new homes. It doesn’t matter the type of home furnishing taste you got, pillows are a must get.

Best Pillows

While most of the pillows we see have a polyester, cotton, or soft outer, you should know that the fillings vary. We have different types of pillows with their different features.

Before you buy your next pillow, we recommend that you familiarize with the pros and cons of the pillow you want to buy.

Some of the best pillows on the market come with varying properties you should be aware of.  We have listed some of the pillows and their properties for you to know.

Types of Best Pillows Features

The Down or Feathers

This type of pillow comes with either combination of feathers and down, or a separate property. For the best pillows with both the feathers and down, they are cushioning and soft.

The ones with a larger proportion of down to the feathers are considered gentle and luxurious on our faces.  However, you should understand this, the more down a pillow, the less support.

What this means is that this type of pillow may be great for front sleepers, but deep or firm for side sleepers.

The pure feather pillows are very affordable. Don’t be shocked to see the quills pillows often poking you while you sleep.

The Silk

When you pick best pillows with silk, you will find out they are less deep and can be a great choice for those who overheat while sleeping.

The eliminate moisture while you sleep and regulate heat too.

The Wood

Who do not like the best pillows made from wood? These pillows offer you a good support depending on how the producers filled it.

The pillow works perfect for side and back sleepers, and with regular plumping, the pillow compacts over time.

The Synthetic

The synthetic pillow is filled with hypoallergenic properties like hollowfibre and microfibre. These best pillows are best if you suffer from allergies.

Best Pillows Features to Know 1

The pillows are reasonably priced, often machine washable, and light weight.  They may be the cheapest on the market, but they have the shortest life span.

The Memory Foam

The memory form is great for side sleepers. Some users may find it on the hot and firm side. The pillow comes with an initial chemical smell, but you will get used to it.

The Latex

 The latex best pillows are designed like the memory form. It offers deep and firm support to your head and neck.

 What Best Pillows do we see in Five Star Hotels?

If you have rested your head in a five star hotel room, you will always remember the abundance and softness of their pillows.  Many of these hotels claim they have the best pillows.

Some of them are well filled with duck or goose down ones. Different five star hotels make use of different types of pillow.

Hard Pillow vs Soft Pillow

When it comes to choosing between soft and hard pillow, you should consider your personal taste and sleeping position.

For front sleepers, they may not like too-firm pillows, while the side and back sleepers my need a little more solid for their neck and spine.

Do we Wash our Pillows?

You should read the care label before you think of washing your best pillows. However, we do not recommend washing the cheaper and synthetic pillows because of clumping of their fillings.

However, the middle to the high-end pillows are okay if you tumble dry them carefully. Most feathers and down, and natural wood pillows can be washed at a low temperature.

For this pillow with dust mites, you can wash at 60˚C.

Best Pillows

Do We Have Standard Best Pillow Sizes?

When you have a double or single bed, you may require a standard pillow size, around 50x75cm.  For the Super-king and king bed base, the size should be around 50x90cm.

At the end of the day, you are the one to decide the type of pillow you want. Everything depends on what you decide. What most people may not like on a pillow may be what you like.

Every pillow is great depending on what you make of it and what you want from it.


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