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How to Select the Best Tablet

How to Select the Best Tablet

How to Select the Best Tablet on the Market

Do you know how to select the best tablet? On the market, there are countless smart tablets ready to be picked. 

How to select the best tablet can fun. Whether you want an iPad or the Android model tablets, you should have different factors to consider before you shop for your ideal tablet.

How to Select the Best Tablet


You should understand that the Windows slates come as a beast on its stage. Some of these tablets come with amazing features you would not be able to resist.

How to Select the Best Tablet Android vs. Apple Tablets

When it comes to how to select the best tablet, you are considering the Apple vs. Android tablets, or even the Windows tablets. 

The Android tablets are excellent as ebook readers, media players, and kids’ devices. For those who want tablets for their kids, Android has many tablets for them.

How to Select the Best Tablet

However, Android tablets rarely compete with Apple tablets when it comes to performance and versatility.

Apple’s iPad has two powerful strengths that you cannot ignore. These include a wide collection of apps and a clean intuitive. 

The apps on the Apple gadgets are over a million and they work great with few exceptions. For those who want Google’s Android OS, it comes with many manufacturers.

These manufacturers offer us different top-notch notification systems, configurability, seamless integration with Google applications, and fast and smooth web browsing.

You can play around with Gmail, Hangouts for video chat, and Google Maps when you use the Android tablets. 

How to select the best tablet depends on what you want from a tablet. Android comes with support for multiple user logins. People can share your Android tablet with you.

This sharing feature is lacking in Apple tablets, even though Apple has a Family Sharing feature. Have you wondered about Amazon’s Fire OS in this tablet selection discussion?

Amazon’s Fire OS comes under the Android tablets, but with its special interface and default apps. This tablet is produced to work easily for streaming video and using Amazon content.

Amazon’s Fire OS is easier to use compared to the standard Android to those who make use of the Amazon library and just browse the internet.

When it comes to customization, this tablet is less flexible. 

How to Select the Best Tablet

How to Select the Best Tablet and Apps

One of the features we look at for in a tablet is the apps. How to select the best tablet will depend partly on the apps that can be accepted.

A tablet would not be great without quality apps. The iPad has a staggering number of third-party apps that are perfect for a touch-screen interface. 

Apple specially designed its products to come with a huge library of games and programs. It monitored and curated its App Store with a deep selection of apps.

The apps on Apple products cover every area you can ever think of. Its compelling apps work well and help you operate its tablets seamlessly.

How to select the best tablet when it comes to Android is not difficult. Android has many apps that might not work in Apple. 

However, these Android apps will be enough to help you carry out any function. Some apps might not work well in some Android phones because of the screen size.

This might be a challenge when you want more high-quality apps for your Android tablets, unlike the phones. 

You should know that Amazon tablets would not accommodate the Google Play store. We know some people hacked the Play store to work on Amazon tablets.

This cannot be considered as a reliable service for you. The size of a tablet is important when you want to pick one. 

The storage capacity and screen real estate are vital. The 7-inch tablet comes with a small-screen. The 8.9-inch tablet and above comes with a large-screen. 

Amazon’s Fire tablets, Samsung’s slates, and Apple’s iPads come in small and large screen sizes. Do not forget that some foldable phones can function as a tablet.

The next thing to consider is the screen resolution for those who love web surfing and reading ebooks. 

Connectivity should be considered too when you want to select your tablet. How to select the best tablet depends on what you want your tablet to perform.




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