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Outdoor Security Cameras Guide

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras Buyers Tips

The outdoor security cameras are lifesavers when it comes to saving us from intruders and keeping us safe. What do you know about these cameras?

Outdoor Security Cameras

Do you know how these cameras work? Most of these security cameras are smartly designed with WiFi radio to connect with homeowner’s mobile devices via apps.

 Some models come with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, wired Ethernet, or a proprietary wireless technology.  This helps in connecting to dedicated hubs or mobile apps.

The WiFi cameras come easy with their installations compared to the wired cameras.  These cameras don’t need wiring or to be situated close to the Ethernet ports.

What You Should Know About Outdoor Security Cameras

The battery-powered WiFi cameras are very easy to install because you can install them anywhere and connect to a router without power cables.

These battery-powered cameras make use of rechargeable batteries you can charge with a USB cable. However, the batteries drain faster during cold weather.

The Bluetooth cameras are easy to install and it has to be positioned some 40 feet or you connect with your smartphone.

If you want an outdoor WiFi security camera, you can make use of one that can connect to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band to reduce network congestion.

Type of Weather Outdoor Security Cameras Can Handle

Good outdoor security cameras should withstand most weather conditions. Before you make your purchase, you should check its IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

The cameras IP ratings have two digits that explain things to you. The first digit after the IP prefix explains how resistant a camera is to wind-blown dust and others.

It ranges from no protection (0) to total protection against dirt and dust (6). The second number explains the resistance of cameras to moisture. It ranges from 0 to 9.

Many outdoor security cameras come with an IP66 rating. This means that the camera can stand against water jets, dust ingress, but it should not be immersed in liquid or water.

Outdoor Security Cameras

The Camera Resolution to use

You do not have to make use of outdoor security cameras you don’t know what type of resolution they come with.

A camera picking video at 720p offers fairly sharp images, while those with 1080p video has more detail.

The latter is the popular resolution for these cameras and doesn’t need lots of storage space. You can view these pictures on most PCs, tablets, and phones.

Today, we have security cameras that can capture4K (Ultra HD) video, but users need powerful network connection for it to stream without lag or choppiness.

Regardless of the resolution, make sure the outdoor security cameras you select feature a relatively wide field of view. The night vision video capturing is important for every camera.

Most cameras feature the infrared (IR) LEDs to offer black-and-white night video. Some make use of white light to offer full-color night video.

Buy cameras that have at least 30 feet of night vision range

Sound and Motion Detection

Most outdoor security cameras come with motion sensors that trigger these cameras to capture or record videos when motions are detected.

These sensors initiate the push alerts to users’ smart devices when motion is detected. Some of these cameras generate email alerts.

Find cameras that feature sound detection if you want an extra layer of security.  Even if the camera is far from the subject in question, sound can be detected.

However, you have to tweak these cameras’ sound sensitivity settings because of false alerts from random noises, loud cars, or barking dogs.

For outdoor security cameras with microphone for detecting sounds, they may come with a speaker that provides a two-way audio communication.

If you have this type of camera, you can speak and list to whomever that is outside your home.  You can use it in scaring away intruders.

 How Do These Cameras Store Videos?

How do outdoor security cameras store your captured videos? These cameras do it many ways. It can offer you free cloud storage that can be deleted, or overwritten in a number of days.

Outdoor Security Cameras

This depends on the type of subscription you bought. Some of the cameras can store data up to a month. You decide the type of storage capability you need for your security analysis.


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