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Smart Door Lock Guide for Homeowners

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock: An Approach to Home Security

What do you know about smart door lock?  When it comes to home security, we have a lot of measures to ensure that we are safe from intruders.

Smart Door Lock

A smart lock has become an important aspect of a connected home. It has a lot of functionalities that make it easier to monitor who enters and leaves your home when you are away.

Some of the smart lock models make use of smartphones to open or shut the doors.  Some come with special privileges to your family members, friends, or staff.

We have smart door lock models that are activated with voice commands. What do you consider before making your smart lock purchase?

What to Know About Smart Door Lock

Before you think of getting a smart door lock, you should understand this gadget does and how you can operate it.

The Cost

The first thing you may want to look at is the cost of getting a smart door lock.  We know that this home security gadget doesn’t come cheap.

They cost a lot more than the traditional lock systems most of us have at home. This does not mean that all the smart locks are expensive.

For those who want something complex like using email and push notifications, voice commands, and tamper alarms, they are more expensive.

The Connectivity

Many smart door lock models provide you with a mobile app that helps you open and close your doors with an easy to use icon tap.

We have some locks that offer you an internet app that allows you handle your doors from the laptop PC or desktop.

Some of the lock apps allow you to include temporary and permanent users, and even set access schedules for particular times and days.

Smart Door Lock

For locks that are Bluetooth enabled, it’s important that you maintain the specified range to communicate with the security gadget.

The lock models that come with WiFi bridge or built-in WiFi can be handled from anywhere that your home router can reach with its connectivity.

What You Should Know about a Smart Door Lock

Before you buy a smart door lock, make sure that it comes with activity logs. This enables you to check previous activities around your home.

Today, we have some advanced smart locks with geofencing, auto-locking, and voice activation features.

With the locks that come with locking, unlocking doors and voice activations, the use of these smart door lock models becomes easier to use.

You simply command your lock to either open or close for it to work. With the geofencing feature, homeowners do not have to think of forgetting to lock their doors.

The mobile app helps you set up a private perimeter around the house. You make use of the location of the phone to pinpoint the exact location.

The door locks automatically when you leave your home perimeter. In addition, the smart door lock makes use of its auto-lock feature when you have unlocked the doors for a period.

You can look at for other features like the keyless touchpads for periods you have no key, phone, forced entry alarms, tampers.

This feature warns the owner about a possible break-in. It does this with text, push, and email notifications in real time.

How Do You Install Smart Door Lock?

The smart locks are not difficult for you to install. However, some users may find it a little challenging while others don’t find it difficult to set up.

For locks fitted with an exterior component (keyed cylinder or a touchpad) and an interior escutcheon (the housing mounted on the interior of the door), it’s going to be different.

What you have to do is to take off your traditional lock, the strike plate and deadbolt mechanism, before installing your smart door locks.

Smart Door Lock

We have seen locks fitted with connected house devices like Google Assistant, If This Then That (IFTTT), Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

You can do so much with your smart locks if you are creative. Check out how some other homeowners integrated their smart locks with other security apps and tools.

The end story of this smart door lock is to make sure that your home is safe.


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