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The Breitling Navitimer – The Ultimate Guide

The Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer Review

Do you think that the Breitling Navitimer is an Alpha male luxury watch?  Thanks to Breitling’s flair for luxury and beauty.  The brand doesn’t bring anything less to the opulence table.

The Breitling Navitimer

Most people called this watch the most hyped pilot’s luxury watch of all time.  We can argue that it’s an instantly recognizable designer watch ever.

The Breitling Navitimer stands in between brute masculinity and elegance.  Whether you want a unique or designer watch, you can’t ignore the Navitimer for long.

Why Buy the Breitling Navitimer?

With the number of luxury and expensive watches on the market, fighting for a stake in the innovative functionalities, buyers often linger window shopping before making a purchase choice.

The Breitling Navitimer is the connoisseur’s pick because it’s the simple watch to read.  The watch is specially built for pilots and only a few individuals operate it effectively.

Men who want to be a bit flashy and still exude confidence may want to give this watch a trial.  The watch is one of the world’ busiest watch dials, yet wearable to suit different styles.

For those who want to use a weekend casual wear or corporate wear , the Breitling Navitimer settles perfectly  on their arms.

How Do You Make Use of The Breitling Navitimer?

The modern man may not know how to handle a slide rule.  You don’t have to worry because we got you covered by the guide to use your watch perfectly.

The Breitling Navitimer

The Multiplication:

Find the red fixed 10 because it will help you in making calculations.  You place one of the numbers in the multiplication opposite your fixed 10, and the other should be opposite it.

Read the result under your second number in the sum.  For instance, if you want to calculate 8 x 9, align 8.0 with the fixed 10, put the 7 opposite to get the reading under the 7.

The Division:

When it comes to division, the reverse is the case.  Take your guide from the moving outer scale along with your result in the fixed inner.

For this calculation, 20 ÷4, position the 20 on the outer scale opposite 4.0. You read off your number positioned above the 10.

The Currency exchange:

The Breitling Navitimer was designed to replace your calculator while on the move.  You can calculate your currency exchange with the watch.

Find the current conversion rate and align the rate on the outer ring with the number 10.  Take for instance, if you want to convert your Sterling into Nigerian Naira.

The £1 is on the inner scale and N480.50 is on the outer, you will find the equivalent amounts in the Sterling and Naira on the two scales.

The  Breitling Navitimer Models to Own

The Breitling Navitimer

We have different Navitimer models you can pick from if you love this watch.  Here are some of the models for your pick:

The B01 Chronograph 43mm

If you think of the purest form of the Breitling Navitimer, the classic B01 Chronograph 43mm with its slide rule and busy dial is amazing.  First launched in 1952, this watch is still innovative in appearance.

The Breitling Navitimer 8

You don’t worry about the complicated slide rule with the Breitling Navitimer 8 model.  It has the simple 1930s cockpit-motivated loveliness at its 41mm.

The watch is powered by a Valjoux 7750 – the Breitling 13.

The Breitling Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-Edition

The recreation and rebranding of the 1959 Navitimer original watch isn’t about a reissue.

 The watch comes prepared with its original case dimensions, the Plexiglas protected dial and its 30-metre water resistance. It has a SuperLuminova and doesn’t look ancient a bit.

These models don’t come cheap. These watches are very expensive, and worn for opulence and status.

The Breitling Navitimer has become one of the most sought after watches in the world. It sits comfortably among the most prestigious and expensive watches on earth.

If you think that you want something extraordinary in a watch, the Navitimer awaits an exploration with you.

No matter when these watches were first launched, they still compete with the modern luxury watches.  They are designed to blend with the modern appearance, without losing their flair.

When it comes to watches that make the difference, the Breitling Navitimer should be on the list.


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