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Unlocked Smartphone Buyer Guide

Unlocked Smartphone

Unlocked Smartphone Guide For First Time Buyers

Most of us do not know the different between a locked and unlocked smartphone. In the United States, most phones are sold locked to the wireless carriers.

Unlocked Smartphone

This may happen because software lock refuses users from making use of the smartphone on a different carrier. A payment plan may stop you from leaving a carrier.

Another reason why you may buy a lock phone is that a hardware frequency restriction stops other wireless carrier from using the phone.

These three factors may hinder you from making a new phone you bought. However, when you pay for an unlocked smartphone, the case is different. The phone works perfectly on any carrier.

For users who want the 5G technology on their phones, they can look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones or the OnePlus 8 series.

When you buy the unlocked Galaxy S20 models, it operates on every type of 5G network in the US. However, the other smartphones operate on the low and mid band 5G network.

Why Should You Buy Unlocked Smartphone?

Why will you want to purchase an unlocked smartphone?

When you have an unlocked phone, it is easier to sell or trade up the phone without expecting the end of a leasing or the equipment instalment plan.

That you have no clause binding you on any wireless carrier; you have the privilege of using the smartphone the way you want.

If you a number of unlocked devices, you can swap different SIM cards among them.

 Most buyers take advantage of the extremely cheap prepaid plans from those virtual operates taking credit on compatible carrier networks.

One reason why the unlocked smartphone works better is that you do not have to pay the exorbitant international roaming charges.

You make use of pay-as-you-go card abroad without buying money to roam. Many smart tourists and travelers make use of these unlocked devices to keep connected while on the go.

Unlocked Smartphone

Another reason is that you do not have to deal with those carrier installed bloatware with your unlocked device.

What You Should Know About an Unlocked Smartphone

While making use of an unlocked smartphone has many benefits, you should learn about is few downsides.  For those coming to the US with this type of phone, there is a downside to it.

You would not get a US phone number with your unlocked smartphone. The reason is simple.  Some of the unlocked devices work only on T-mobile and AT&T, but not Verizon.

At&T would not allow WiFI calling on a selected number of unlocked phones. You may get frustrated with this restriction.

 The only way to beat this restriction is to make use of Google Pixels and iPhones. These phones allow you to make calls through WiFi on any unlocked AT&T phone.

Do not lose heart because a new technology has made unlocked hand phones exciting. The eSIM has changed the way we use our mobile phones.

Unlocked Smartphone

eSIM simply means Electronic SIMS, that requires a user to take a carrier form a menu or even scan an online QR code.  Instead of making use of a physical chip, you go for the eSIM.

The iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4, all support the dual SIM and  eSIM that allows you to use two lines on an unlocked smartphone.

Where Do You Buy Your Unlocked Smartphone?

When you want to shop for an unlocked smartphone, where do you visit?  You should understand that looking for unlocked handsets might be tricky.

Carrier stores rarely stock these types of phones. You can go for Best Buy Mobile, Amazon, Apple Store, and other manufacturers’ online stores.

For people with locked smartphones, they can unlock these phones, but it depends on the carrier and handset.

Are you ready to stay free from carriers’ restrictions? Go for unlocked smartphone that will allow you makes use of any carrier network you desire.

We have many of these unlocked devices around the world.  If you are not in the US, you may have been enjoying unlocked phones, especially those in developing countries.

Find the right unlocked smartphone that will help you with your needs on the market. Some of them may be affordable, while some are very expensive.


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