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USB-C – What You Should Know


USB-C:  Do You Know How They Work?

With many Windows and Macs laptops featuring interface,  the USB-C connector has given users something great to play with.  However, you should understand how this connector works.


USB means Universal Serial Bus, an acronym that has worked for these connectors.  The USB-C has found its usefulness in many devices, from the smartphones to high-end laptops.

External hard drives are not exempted in models that this type c connector works best with.  While the type-c connector may appear the same, they have offered different functions.

What Do You Know of the USB-C?

Here is a guide to understand how the USB-C works and the features to look for before you get your next connector.

The USB-C has become an industry-standard connector used for transferring or transmitting power and data on a single cable.

This connector was designed by the USB-IF or the USB Implementers Forum. Some of the members of the USB-IF include Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, and Apple.

 The acceptance of this connector by these companies makes the connector to be universally accepted by personal computer producers.

The USB-C may appear similar to the micro USB connectors, but they come a little different in their shapes and thickness.  The type c connector has a number attached to their ports.

Some of the common speed of the USB-C is ranked 10Gbps that is faster than USB 3.0.  The fastest and newest USB-C ports make use of the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 specification.

They come with maximum speeds of 20GBps, but these ports are not yet widely available.

The Functions of USB-C

The USB-C relies on the specific port’s implementations.  One of the functions of this connector is that it delivers enough power when it wants to charge a device.

Most lightweight laptops come with this special type c connector ports for attaching the AC adapters.

The connector helps in delivering power and video signals simultaneously. This means that you can power and connect HDMI devices, a native Display Port, MHL, cables, or adapters.

Before you buy your PC, make sure that you check on the connector ports. If you get the wrong ports for your devices, it may be challenging to be connected to them.


Some of these USB-C ports may support one function or the other. Look at the details of what these ports can do for you before you make your shopping decision.

The most important protocol that these ports exhibit, is supporting the Thunderbolt 3.  What this means is that a single cable can help you transfer or push power.

Today, we have PCs with Thunderbolt 3. Now, with this development, including the preference of DisplayPort, many producers have abandoned this connector.

This is the reason why you should read the details of the gadgets you are bringing home.  The preference of one port over another may work or against you.

If your devices cannot connect to your laptop, the aim of getting your laptop may be defeated.

Adapters and Cables

USB-C has become electrically compatible with some of the older USB 3.0 ports.  However, the shape of these ports, cables, or adapters means you need the right plugs.

You use the plugs if you have no device to connect to the USB-C oval shape. Often times, it depends on the type of computer or laptop you buy.

In some cases, users may have to buy these separately.  Take for instance; Apple sells different types of USB cables and adapters to help you connect to USB-C, Lightning, or Ethernet.

For those who invest in USB-C cables, they would not have challenges with connecting to any device regardless of generation.


Some latest docks for Macs and docks for PCs come with the widely integrated USB-C. That you have one connector port should not be a challenge.

You can find some connector docking solutions from third-part accessory producers and PC manufacturers like HP and Dell. Now, you know why these type c connectors have become very popular.

 One day, we will be seeing something more advanced for our powering and connectivity to worry about these type c connectors.

Finally, before you get your devices, make sure that your ports have similar functionalities that will help you achieve what you want to do with the ports.



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