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Hermès Kelly vs Birkin Buyer Guide

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin- Make Your Choice

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin debate on which is the best has been on for years.  Ladies have something with looking fabulous and classy when it comes to luxury handbags.

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

We have many brands that produce some of the finest handbags on earth and Hermès is one of them. Today, we will deal with the Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags.

These two handbags came from the same brand. This will help you take make a better choice since you have no worries about brand competition here.

 If you are thinking of the right one to pick between these two bags, we have made it easier for you. We hope that you find these tips useful if you want to add any of the bags to your collections.

 Hermès gave us something to talk about when it introduced the Birkin in the 1980s. This luxury handbag has become a choice of many women around the world.

What is the difference between the Birkin and the Kelly handbag?  The two bags have a spot on the brand’s hottest and most coveted handbags.

What You Should Know about Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

How did these Hermès Kelly vs Birkin bags become popular?  The Hermès Kelly bag was introduced earlier than its competitor, the Birkin bag was.  The Kelly bag was introduced as a sac à dépêches bag in 1930s.

However, the bag came as an unnamed handbag until 1956 when it gained popularity and a name.

 Grace Kelly, a future Princess of Monaco and actress, used the bag to conceal her pregnancy when she placed the bag in front of her baby bump.

The Birkin bag was inspired when English actress Jane Birkin and the CEO of Hermès met at Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984.

The actress complained how she was unable to find a bag large enough to accommodate her daughter’s bottles. This led to the production of a stylish holdall bag that was handmade from luxurious leather materials.

The Hermès Kelly shape has a squarer shape with a flat top, while the Birkin bag has a rectangular shape with a curved top.

The Hermès Kelly has two variations; Retourne and Sellier. The latter comes with a box-like shape, while Sellier has rounded edges.

The Sizes of Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

The Hermès Kelly vs Birkin bags have different sizes, ranging from 15 centimetres to 55 centimetres.  The Birkin has more storage space than the Hermès Kelly because of its round edges.

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

The Handles

The Birkin bag has two handles that can be best carried on your lower arm. For the Kelly bag, it comes with one handle and a removable shoulder strap.

What this means is that the Kelly bag can be referred to as a top handle handbag and can be carried on your shoulder.

The Flap of Hermès Kelly vs Birkin Bags

The Hermès Kelly vs Birkin bags have functional turn locks and flaps.  The Kelly bag’s flap comes with a handle attached to it its top. You have to turn the lock closed before carrying it.

The Birkin has two handles attacked to its flap and can be carried without locking the lock.

The Price

The price of Hermès Kelly vs Birkin is slightly different. The Birkin cost a little higher because it is larger than the Hermès Kelly bag.

However, the cost of the two bags depends on different factors such as the grade of leather, color, and size of the bag.

Both bags do not come cheap. They are expensive because they are called the Veblen goods. What this means is that they are very expensive accompanied with a high demand.

The value of these bags increases gradually and because they are can take up to 48 hours for each bag to be handmade.

The cost of these bags has been rising, especially among the exotic leather types that cost a fortune to have.

Hermès Kelly vs Birkin

The Hermès Kelly vs Birkin bags are not the common handbags we see every day. We see them on the red carpets and some important events around the world.

If you want to get any of these bags, you should check the features and their cost, to see if they fit your budget.


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