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Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag Review

louis vuitton pont 9 bag

Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag Guide

The Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag has come to change the way we see luxury handbags. The popular French brand decided to give its fans something different in this bag.

louis vuitton pont 9 bag

The LV Pont 9 bag has something every lady would love to experience. The bag comes in all leather flap handbag and ends with bold logo hardware. 

The structured bag design is sleek with curved lines that have a sophisticated and elegant vibe. 

The oversized LV logo comes with the legendary bold circle, the signature of Louis Vuitton dates back to the 1930s.

Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag is named after the Paris’ oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf, sitting atop the Seine river.

The luxury handbag is completely crafted of smooth cowhide when you look at the body of the bag. It goes down to the bag’s trim and lining.

The bag may be simple, but this comes with  subtle sophistication that hides details such as a Monogram flower magnetic closure and colored leathered lining.

 These are hidden beneath the handbag’s flap. These features make what the bag to be admired by many fashion lovers.

Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with two compartments inside. The compartments include a small front and main compartment pocket.

There is a zippered pocket located on the back interior for holding smaller items or cosmetics. Its overall dimensions are 5.9″L x 9″W x 3.1″D.

What You Should Know about the Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag

Louis Vuitton has some new things it added to this Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag. The first is the gold encircled Louis Vuitton logo that appears twice. 

The logo is more flashy compared to what we see in other leather LV bags. The bag bears remembrance to the flap logos we see on some YSL bags or the Gucci GG Marmont bag.

Louis Vuitton went ahead to endear the Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag to celebrities and influencers to show that it’s not the normal bag we see on the market.

The Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag seems to be one of the most seen Louis Vuitton bags on Instagram. The brand created the leather bag with a timeless sensibility and a modern allure. 

You see the bag and fall in love with it. When it comes to beautiful bags that show off the beauty in its simplest, this bag is something you should go for. 

louis vuitton pont 9 bag

The leather bag is a medium-sized flap handbag that comes with some neutral colors. For the bag’s trim, it comes from smooth calfskin leather, while the interior is lined with smooth cowhide.

As we mentioned, the Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag comes with two encircle Louis Vuitton logos that come with gold hardware. One of the logos sits on the flap and doubles as a magnetic closure.

The second logo is on the adjustable shoulder strap that comes with the bag. The bag’s strap has a minimum drop of 47 cm and a maximum drop of 52 cm.

Why You Should Buy Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag

The Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag interior has two compartments that include a zipped pocket and a flat pocket on its back. The bag has six colors, Dahlia pink, Cream, Storm Blue, Summer gold, and black.

The shape of the bag is decent for you to carry without difficulties. The LV logo makes Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag look a little flashy.

The cost of the bag is within the range of €2,870 or £2,680. The price may be a bit expensive, but it is worth its value. 

When you want to buy a great bag that stands out in design and simple design, you may want to use this design. 

We have many bags on the market that has similar designs like Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Bag, but it has a unique design you will love.

louis vuitton pont 9 bag

Louis Vuitton did not disappoint with this bag. The way the Louis Vuitton Pont 9 bag was hyped in the social media and advertised, many women fell in love with it.

In summation, this bag has become the toast of many women who want to use unique bags that are neutral and beautifully designed.


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