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MacBook Air M1 review

MacBook Air M1


MacBook Air M1 Buyers Guide

The MacBook Air M1 is faster than many personal computers and comes with no fan. Apple’s M1 chip has redefined what we know of ultraportable.

The MacBook Air M1 is extremely fast that you barely open it for it to run. Whatever you’ll want to do with a PC, automatically becomes fun with this Apple laptop.

MacBook Air M1

The battery can last for a day, making it a favorite for users. The ultraportable feature in this laptop is a step out of the ordinary.

Thanks to MacBook Air M1 system-on-a-chip (SOC). The chip for Apple’s Macs and comes prepared to give users extraordinary usage.

Things to know about MacBook Air M1 


MacBook Air M1 has incredibly fast performance.

It has no fan noise.

The keyboard and trackpad are excellent.

The Retina Display of the laptop looks great

It can run iPhone and iPad apps.

The battery life is excellent.


MacBook Air M1 still has a 720p webcam.

It comes with only two USB-C ports.

This MacBook has the most refined ultraportable feature because of its new M1 system-on-a-chip. 

It is completely silent because it has no fan. The new Apple Macbook is a course correction for a chip.

The harmonious blend between Apple’s hardware and software turned out to be the iPhone and iPad’s biggest selling point.

We know Android has more variety and can be customized, but Apple is your best bet for those seeking something better.

Today, Apple is focusing on its Macs to bring out such a cohesive experience as its iPad and iPhone.

MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1 feels like using an iPad Pro. This Mac is extremely responsive and, delivers the best web browsing 

Websites load up almost instantly with the MacBook Air M1 and scrolling through complex pages feels effortless. 

The transformation of M1 simply means that developers have to rebuild everything they have created in their software to meet the standard of this Mac.

It comes as a different breed to everything we have seen in Apple’s Macs. The M1 is an eight-core chip based on an ARM design.

We find such technology in mobile devices. The good news is the apps built for Intel’s x86, will still work in MacBook Air M1.

The new Rosetta 2 emulator helps to run those older apps with lagging or a hitch. You can launch Slack and Chrome quickly on this Mac without experiencing a slowdown.

The M1 chip helps users add iPad and iPhone apps. However, do not expect to find every iOS app in the Mac App Store.

MacBook Air M1 Great Features

The M1 offers a decent gaming performance that lacks in other Macbooks. Apple’s SOC offers up to 8 GPU cores.

MacBook Air M1

Gamers will love the swiftness and impressive performance of the MacBook Air M1. Almost all games play effortlessly on the laptop.

This Mac delivers stunning performances without a fan. The laptop depends on a heatsink and passive cooling, like the iPad. 

This feature endears the MacBook Air M1 to everyone. You do not have to worry about lagging or overheating

With this Mac, Apple has proven that with slim machines, you can experience both a powerful and efficient laptop. 

The battery lasts up to 16 hours and 20 minutes when you do a lot of work on it.

MacBook Air performance

The MacBook Air M1 functions like the pro-level laptops and does not groan when you leave multiple apps playing.

It can handle intensive apps like Adobe Premier and Photoshop without complaint. The laptop comes with two Thunderbolt ports.

It makes use of Touch ID for biometrics. This Mac comes with Rosetta 2, which you install the first time you run an Intel-based app.

However, Rosetta 2 is a translation and not an emulation. That means that apps take time longer to launch, but once they’re running, they are fast.

Except for the laptop’s webcam, you will love M1 functionalities. However, Apple needs to improve to enhance performance on the top end for intense workloads. 

It comes with very good battery life, a good keyboard, and incredible performance for its class. These are features are what you should know about this Mac.



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