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The Watches of Switzerland Guide

The Watches of Switzerland Guide

The Watches of Switzerland Guide and Tips

The watches of Switzerland guide will help you pick the best Swiss watch on the market. With the number of watches available for us to buy, we often have challenges picking one.

When you want to get a Swiss watch, you can make use of the watches of Switzerland guide to support your search online.

The Watches of Switzerland Guide 

We have offered some advice on how you can find and maintain the perfect timepiece with the watches of Switzerland guide.

The watches of Switzerland guide to know

Here is what you should know about the watches of Switzerland guide:

Know your budget

You should know your budget when it comes to buying a Swiss watch. Just like cars, watches involve mechanics that are compared when buying. 

You should compare your spending with the watch mechanics. You should begin your search for a watch based on the amount you want to invest.

Protect your Investment

The watches of Switzerland guide will help you protect your watch. If you want to buy a luxury timepiece, especially the mechanical watches, you have to carefully look at its mechanics.

These watches often come with servicing support. You should consider these servicing options before buying. 

When the time comes for servicing of the watch, you should take it to the servicing center.

The Watches of Switzerland Guide

Look under the dial

We have two types of watch; the battery-powered quartz movement and the mechanical movement. For the mechanical movements, these watches come with hundreds of parts assembled by hand.

They are more expensive than quartz. With the watches of Switzerland guide, you can determine if these watches are manual or automatic.

The mechanical watches last longer and are still on the market for people to buy.

The movement of the watches

The watches of Switzerland guide will help you decide the right watches to purchase. Few watch brands make their watch movements. 

These in-house movements or manufacture or proprietary movements are expensive. It takes years of R&D for this to happen, making it expensive to buy.

Watch lovers buy these watches because of the value placed on them. 

Why the watches of Switzerland guide matters

The watches of Switzerland guide come with tips for avoiding fake Swiss watches and learning how to protect your watch.

Take the plunge

You have to consider the water-resistance of your watch. Before you buy a Swiss watch, consider the watches of Switzerland guide.

This helps you understand how your watch can resist water. The numbers on the case or dial back have to be taken seriously. 

The Watches of Switzerland Guide

A watch that comes with 30 meters water resistance can resist rainfall, but should not submerge in water.

You can use a 50 meters water resistance water for swimming, while a 100 meters water resistance can go for snorkeling.

Those with a 200 meters water resistance can suit extreme water sports fans, while those with at least 500 meters can use it for diving.

For those with 1000 meters of water resistance, professional SUBA divers can use them. The watches of Switzerland guide let you know that the water resistance of a watch is not permanent.

Watches that go underwater have to be reproofed every couple of years.

Size of watches matters

The watches of Switzerland guide teaches you about the size significance of watches. Watch cases are designed in many case sizes.

Some watches can be 0mm in diameter, especially the smallest ladies cocktail pieces, while some can exceed the 50mm mark, like some of the men’s watches.

Traditionally, watch cases up to 30-36mm are considered suitable for men. However, this has changed with some men’s watches exceeding that diameter. 

The classic Patek Annual Calendar at 39mm and the 42mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore are some of the watches that come with bigger diameters.

However, when it comes to thickness, watches with more than 10mm can struggle with your cuffs. The watches of Switzerland guide help buyers make the right choice.

Many Swiss watches come expensive. That means you have to consider the brand, functionalities, and your budget before you think of buying a watch.

Some Swiss watches are affordable and we still have replica watches that you can use in place of the expensive ones if you are on a budget.


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