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Vivint Car Guard Buyer Guide

Vivint Car Guard

Vivint Car Guard Review

The Vivint Car Guard makes use of cellular and GPS technology in monitoring a car’s location, send maintenance, and speed alerts. It tells you when the check engine light is not off.

Vivint Car Guard

The gadget can trigger smart home devices when a parked vehicle is tampered with.  Why do you need this type of gadget?


  • The Vivint Car Guard can be installed in minutes.
  • It easily integrates with any Vivint Smart Home devices.
  • It works with cellular radios and GPS.
  • It functions as an in-car diagnostics.
  • It comes with bump detection.
  • It sends maintenance alerts.


  • The gadget is pricey.
  • It needs monthly subscription to function.

What You Should Know About Vivint Car Guard

The Vivint Car Guard provides connectivity between a mobile device and a car. With a mobile device, cars can be tracked in a lot, on the open road, or packed at home.

You can plug this vehicle guard into the OBD-II port of your car and monitor the location of the car, receive alerts even when it was moved or bumped.

If your car is driven erratically like harsh braking and speeding or develops a mechanical problem, the guard activates the Vivint Smart Home gadgets such as sirens, outdoor lighting, or cameras.

The Vivint Car Guard Design and Features

The Vivint Car Guard is designed as a Moxee SD6200 ODB-II dongle. You plug it into your car’s OBD-II port.

Vivint Car Guard

Vehicles manufactured from 1996 have the OBD-II port that lets your service technicians access these the computerized diagnostic systems of these vehicles.

You can find the port under the dash on the car’s driver side.  If you cannot find it, make use of your owner’s manual to locate it.

 The dongle has a 16-pin connector and measures 1.0 by 2.0 by 3.0 inches (HWD). You plug it into one end of the OBD-II port and a pair of tiny signal strength LED indicator facing the driver.

The LED indicator is on the opposite side while the left side is the SIM card slot, Restart button, and Reset.

The Vivint Car Guard installation

The Vivint Car Guard comes with a GPS radio for monitoring your car’s location. The cellular radio connects to the T-Mobile’s 4G network for its data communication.

The guard has three-axis accelerometer whose function is to detect towing, break-ins, or bumps attempts.

The car guard works by scanning the car’s computer for its Diagnostic Trouble Codes to diagnose any mechanical issues.

The guard has an access to close to 10,000 diagnostic codes, to tell you everything that happens in your car, from the checking engine light of how much gas is left in your car’s tank.

For teen drivers, the Car Guard’s Trip Insights functionality offers a map of trips with the start and end time, including the driving time, maximum speeds, and rapid acceleration incidents.

Parents see the total driving time, total distance covered, harsh breaking, idling time, and lots more from the guard.

The Vivint Car Guard notifications can be configured to receive push alerts on every incident or movement of the car including when it’s low on fuel.

The Vivint Car Guard App

What do you know about the Vivint Car Guard amazing app? The guard works with the Vivint Smart Home system. The car guard interacts with smart outlets, door locks, and cameras.

Vivint Car Guard

With the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, it records whenever your car is touched or disturbed, while the Vivint-controlled lights immediately a car gets back from a trip.

The car guard makes of the same mobile app for the Vivint Smart Home security system.  You tap the guard button on the button of the Smart Home screen for a map to display.

The map shows where you car packs and the status of the car (driving, parked) including the fuel level.

When you go to the Trip History, you will find a map of the car’s latest trip, including the start time and the location, and the end time and the location.

Vivint Car Guard comes with the best features every car owner will want to explore. Safety and peace of mind goes hand-in-hand when we know that our car is under our control.


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