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Best Hair Dryers Types You Must Know

Best Hair Dryers

Best Hair Dryers Buyers Guide

How many types of the best hair dryers do you know? We have three types of dryers you should know that work best on your hair.

Best Hair Dryers

The hair dryer you want depends on your how long it dries your hair and the condition of user’s locks.

Types of Best Hair Dryers

We have some types of the best hair dryers you should know. Here are some of these dryers:

The Ionic Hair Dryers

The ionic hair dryers are one of the most popular dryers on the market. Why is this dryer, popular?

The human hair comes with a natural positive charge that causes static and frizz. This dryer releases negative ions that connect with the positive ions.

When the negative and positive ions connect, they are neutralized to produce a smoothing effect.

The ions released help in reducing the drying time, break down the positive ions in the wet hair, and disperse it so it can dry faster on lower heat.

This process reduces hair damage during drying.

The Ceramic Hair Dryers

The best hair dryers function by pushing the concentrated air over a ‘hot item’, the heated air hits the wet hair to dry.

The material of the ‘hot item’ affects the effectiveness of the drying process.  Most people believe that ceramic is the gold standard material because it can heat up very fast and evenly.

When it does this, every iota of air that the dryer emitted retains a constant temperature so that no part of your hair frazzles while a part is cold.

The Tourmaline Best Hair Dryers

The tourmaline is another material used for the ‘hot item.’ This item is a gemstone crushed into a powder and reformed for hot gadgets like the dryers.

The tourmaline is a popular type of the best dryers because it generates an ionic charge and infrared heat when it is heated up.

Best Hair Dryers

 It helps dry hair very quick with smoothing properties and less damage.

How Powerful Should best hair Dryers Be?

The more powerful your hair dryers is, that is how hotter the element gets and the faster the dryer will blow-dry the hair.

However, this process does not take into consideration the technology such as brushless motors, airflow concentrators, and the extreme heat that can damage the hair.

The bigger the dryer has nothing to do with power.  You should know that the best hair dryers come with more than 1500 watts of power.

Does a Hair Dryer Need a Diffuser?

For people with curly hair, they will need a diffuser in their hair dryer. Although, most would debate that very curly hair must not be blow-dry with a dryer.

When you have a diffuser in your dryer, it will cradle your hair as it dries it gently, rather than force the hair cuticle to scatter and the natural movement destroyed.

Do You Need Cold Shot Buttons on Hair Dryers?

If you love to dry your hair into specific patterns or styles, like making use of tension to get it straightened, you need round brush to add in flicks or for root lift.

Cold shot buttons are essential for this type of hairstyles.  The reason is because the cooler the air in your hair set in place the type of hair styles you want to create with the dryer’s heat.

However, if you want a general blast or a rough dry, you do not need a cold shot button.

What Type of Best Hair Dryers Do Professionals use?

The type of the best hair dryers that professionals make use depends on individuals.  Well-known professionals or salons can work with a particular brand preferred by their stylists.

Best Hair Dryers

Some professionals have endorsements from some brands, and that’s the hair dryers they can only use.  You can ask a professional the type of hair dryer the person makes use of.

You should know that some best hair dryers don’t have to be expensive to make them perform effectively.

  You should remember that the skills and experience of using hair dryers must come first when selecting your hair dryer.

If you get a complex hair dryer that you cannot handle may seem like a waste of resources. Find the right best hair dryers for your hair.


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