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Apple TV Special Features to Know

Apple TV Special Features

Apple TV Special Features You Should Know

Do you know some of the Apple TV special features? Many users don’t know half of what their Apple television can do for them.  In our modern life, we don’t want things to stress us.

Apple TV Special Features

Apple has created gadgets to make our lives simpler and easier.  If you have Apple gadgets like their latest 4K TVs, you may want to know what it can do for you.

Apple TV Special Features

Add More Accounts With Others

When it comes to sharing your television with others, you may want to share your apps and movies with them. How do you achieve this feat?

Some of the Apple TV special features are simple to use.  When it comes to family or friends sharing of your TV, you may have to set up a different account with individual Apple IDs.

You create this when you go to your TV, home screen, and click on Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store.

You should click on Add New Apple ID and enter the Apple ID user name and password.   You sign out and repeat this process for another user until everyone can share with you.

For Family Sharing

How do you give access to family members? Apple TV special features like sharing with family members is something you may want to know.

To save cost, you may have to share movies and apps with family so they can have access to what you use.

 Simply go to Purchased > Family Sharing, then select the family members you want to access your TV just like you.

Connecting to Bluetooth

Connecting to Bluetooth is one of the best Apple TV special features.  You can connect your gaming controllers, keyboard, headphones, and more with your television.

Scroll to the TV Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth (or Settings > General > Bluetooth on older devices.

Apple TV Special Features

Pair your accessory with the television when you go into pairing mode.

How to Cancel Subscriptions

Sometimes, we want to cancel Subscriptions. If you want to do this cancellation, simply go to Settings > Accounts > Manage Subscriptions.

You can select the active subscriptions you want to end and cancel them within some seconds.

How to Watch Live TV

Apple TV special features like watching Live TV is something most users will love to experience.  Streaming apps have become something we look out for when it comes to this type of TVs.

Some of the TV channel apps allow you to watch any live TV through your Apple TV.

 These channels include Disney XD, DIY, ESPN,  ABC News, CBS, Food Network, FXNOW, HGTV, TBS, TNT, CBS News, CNN Go, Cooking Channel, Disney Channel, Disney Jr, and Travel Channel.

Some Apple TV Special Features You Will Love

Make Yourself At Home

Apple TV Special Features

Most third and fourth generation Apple TV works as a  smart home hub for those who have the Home Kit-enabled devices.

How do you set up this type of feature? You simply set up your Apple TV as your hub.

 Make use of the same iCloud account for the television and the iOS devices you connect to your homekit.

The procedure occurs automatically. However, if this does not happen, go to the television and scroll to Settings > Accounts > iCloud.

Locate the Homekit and ensure that you have it connected.

Apple TV special features like this require that users set up a two-factor authentication on iCloud. The reason for this is to make sure that devices used on it are secure.

Open your Apple device and scroll to Settings > iCloud > Passwords & Security > Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

You should also set up your iCloud Keychain in Settings > iCloud > Keychain.

Give Apple TV special Features the Boot

When was the last time you tried to turn your TV off and on again? We mean rebooting your Apple TV with the support of your remote.

If you have not done that before, here is how to achieve it from your remote. Ensure that you hold down the Home and Menu buttons until the status light on the television flashes.

When this status light flashes, you can let go.  We have more Apple TV special features  online if you want more of these smart tips and tricks.


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