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Best Kitchen Benchtop To Use

Best Kitchen Benchtop

Best Kitchen Benchtop Buyer Guide

The best kitchen benchtop may not come in gold plated or glittering with diamond. If you have such benchtop, that’s a rare kitchen cabinet to keep at home.

Best Kitchen Benchtop

We have many types of benchtops you can buy for your kitchen. These benchtops are designed with different materials. We have listed some of these benchtops here.

How to Pick Your Best Kitchen Benchtop

How do you select your best kitchen benchtop? With the many benchtops on the market, you may have to do your research before picking up one.

Here are some of the benchtops you can consider:

The Marble Benchtop

We know that marble is like granite and it is a natural stone. This type of best kitchen benchtop is perfect for the top of the range kitchens.

Do not forget that it is delicate in nature and have to be taken care of properly. Marble is known to more porous when compared to granite.

You have to be sealing it and carry out maintenance often. Marble benchtop has its edge chopped off when there is an accident or cracks at its point of accident or impact.

The reflective coating may strip away when an abrasion occurs.  If you place a hot item on its surface, it leaves a white obvious mark.

The white mark fades over time and leaves a faint mark on it.

The Porceline Benchtop

The Porcelain best kitchen benchtop is a bit expensive because it is priced per its sheet.  The benchtop is lightweight and wouldn’t need sealing.

Porcelain comes in large slab sizes and versatile to use for different purposes. It is heat and stain resistant and excellent for its cutting resistance.

You may notice a faint scratch marks if an abrasion occurs, but can only be seen under light. The corner and edge chip off during accidents.

Best Kitchen Benchtop

The Quartz Benchtop

For people who want something practical, they can go for the quartz best kitchen benchtop.  Quartz benchtops are one of the popular choices on the market.

 The benchtops come in an arrary of designs and colors, and affordable compared to natural stones.

There is no need to seal it because it is not porous. During an abrasion, scratch marks may follow, but may not be visible.

The Solid Surfacing Benchtop

If you want best kitchen benchtop that is durable and versatile, the solid surfacing or Corian benchtop should be considered.

This solid surfacing comes as an acrylic resin material with a filler of alumina.  The nature of the material ensures that the benchtop is strong and fire resistant.

For those who want a large or massive island or benchtop, the solid surfacing benchtop is what they need.

It does not trap dirt or food and is a hygienic option for users. The corian is UV resistant and waterproof, and perfect for outdoor entertainment.

The corain is translucent and has amazing feature you will love at about $400 per linear metre. It is repairable and wouldn’t be damaged by stains or impacts.

Best Kitchen Benchtop

The Stainless Steel Best Kitchen Benchtop

If you want a best kitchen benchtop for your restaurant, you may want the stainless steel type. It’s fairly durable and a hygienic option for the cooking enthusiast.

Hot saucepan cannot damage it and has a fair stain resistance property.  The edge, corner, and the surface can suffer a noticeable dent because of its reflective nature.

The benchtop is not scratch resistance and fingerprints will likely be seen often on it.

The Tiled Benchtop

The tiled best kitchen benchtop is uncommon. It comes with different patterns, textures, and styles to fit any environment.

 The benchtop is inexpensive for those looking for affordable benchtops. It has a heat and cutting resistance.  Scratch marks can be seen only under light.

 Cleaning may be a serious chore, especially around the grout. You have to seal the grout to prevent staining. The edge and corner can chip away.

The Ultra Compact (Dekton) Benchtop

The ultra compact best kitchen benchtop is a special type of benchtop.

The ultra compact surface of the benchtop is manufactured with raw materials from quartz, porcelain, and glass under extreme pressure and heat. The benchtop is UV resistant.

The benchtop can shatter during an accident like if a heavy object falls on it.



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