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Fancy Gadgets For Kitchen Lovers You Never Heard of

Gadgets for Kitchen, What Are You Talking About?

If you are like me and have a gorgeous girlfriend and future wife that loves the smell of home, there is nothing better than a smell of home-made food right? And what could be a better gift for her more than a kitchen gadget?

Not only you will surprise your girlfriend or wife with a nice & fancy gift, but also it will be an indirect gift for yourself, who else will eat this delicious beautifully crafted food she worked so hard last evening  to cook?

So if your partner likes cooking and really passionate about culinary art, here are a few kitchen gadgets you can spend your next salary on…. Just after eating don’t forget to follow these diet tips to get yourself back in shape.

Smartech Barisieur coffee and tea maker

Gadgets For KitchenDesign with a budges of over 1,000,000$ on KickStarter, this huge cool gadget looks like it was designed by the crazy professor from Back to the Future series. It looks cool, sophisticated and taking a photo by it you will look like a scientist. The idea is real simple wake up to something Hot & Steamy… You set up a time, You choose the beans and It’ll wake you up with the noise of brewing and making a fresh cup of coffee, isn’t that the best sound & smell to wake up into? Wait, if you are English then it can make a tea as well.

Slater Cook Pro Bluetooth Thermometer

Are you a kitchen culinary frick? would you like to serve your food to your guests at the exact precise Gadgets For Kitchentemperature? Or maybe you own a top noche restaurant. This gadget is for professionals or fricks alike.

Stick it in your favorite Rib Eye Steak, or maybe Entrecot, or just maybe a piece of pork or chicken, pair it to your phone and your app will tell you exactly when this piece of meet gets to your desired temperature, it can withstand real hot environments. try it out….

Anova Nano precision cooker

I bought it for myself as I tried to make for my family Halva and failed 3 times, because I didn’t have thermometer to measure the precise 120c deg sirup temperature to add to the halva mixture. This is why my halva tasted good but looked like a dog’s poo.gadgets for the kitchen

This gadget is not for everyone but for those who appreciate the art of cooking and making culinary recipes which require precise temperature to look and taste good. Stick this gadget in a pot or container, configure the exact temperature you’d like on the gadget screen or on your phone App, and you will have the desert your dreams.


Wacaco Nanopresso instant coffee brewer

I would buy this one just because of its cool name. It is a lightweight, portable and convenient little Espresso Machine, fill it up with coffee beans and hot water, and take it on the Go, whenever you are wherever you go your delicious coffee will stick up with you. I highly recommend this gadget for the coffee addicts among you.




So let me know in the comments below which one do you think your wife will like the most? Which is the coolest kitchen gadget you could get her this year?

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