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Top Secrets of How to Buy your Dream Computer

Want to buy a new computer? Here is a good place to start your journey towards this amazing purchase experiencebuy computer. I will through here a few tips & tricks how I choose my next computer, as a computer programmer I can help you choose the right PC for you…

Determine Your Needs

You can literally spend endless money on a computer, even if you had the money why should you spend so much for features that you don’t even need? So first determine what will you be using this computer for? Are you a graphic designer and need a strong GPU card? are you a programmer and need a crazy CPU power? or you just a casual user who want to enjoy some movies and read/response to several emails and social media post?

Go & See

It’s extremely important to love how the computer feels and looks like, go to your friends or a shop, touch and feel different computers and decide what feel do you want when you play along with this box?

Mobile or StandAlone

Decide what type of computer would you need, are you gonna be with it on the GO, planes, trains, metros, work from different coffee shops? then you are really searching for a laptop. However if you gonna use it from one place your home or office then you are looking for a Desktop or a Standalone Computer. The tradeoff? mobile computers or laptops are cooler smaller, lighter and more beautiful however they are much slower than desktops. Desktops are bigger and therefore the producer has more spaces in the box and can put faster and more reliable hardware. So if you do not move with it anyway why not get more speed? moreover laptops tend to have more fixes in future as you move with them you are likely to drop them or bang them just like a mobiel phone. So what will be your choice?

What operating system would you like?

Some people like Apple or Mac, some prefer Linux and Some Windows, there are many operating systems nowadays and each one of us prefers or is forced to use one of them due to his job requirements, check that the model of computer you buy comes pre-installed with your favorite operating system. Otherwise? you will have to pay licence for another operating system (which you already paid as it was included in the price of the computer you bought at the first place) moreover you will have to go through the headache of installing an operating system again and formatting your PC which can lead to issues… so why not just buy it with the operating system you like?

What Screen-Size you will be Using?

Some of us like huge screens, and some feel intimidated by them. We are all different,  make sure your model comes with your favorite screen size. Be warn that the bigger screen size in laptops make the battery last much shorter time, so you will have less hours of mobility and you will need to run faster to find this free socket  slot. Also the bigger the screen the more radiation and generally more headache after long hours of working.

What Screen Type would you like?

This is if you decided to go for a laptop, there are 2 types of screen Matt and Glossy. I personally prefer Matt one as I like working in front of the beach, my first computer was Glossy and I couldn’t work outside as the reflection of the sun disrupted my screen, and I could barely see anything.

Matt one almost solves this problem entirely. Also many people don’t like how the movie graphics are played in a Matt screen me personally love it! I think it looks even better and more real than glossy. But this is up to you to decide? if you work indoors you can go for either of them matter of preferences, if you work outdoors you can only go with the Matt.

Also make sure that the brightness gets to high level in your future laptop brand, some brands really don’t do a good job in Brightness and you need a dark place to see anything on your screen.

Read Reviews

Almost needless buy important to say, Go Online and search for real reviews, not the fake ones. Read reviews from many sources and make sure your computer doesn’t have many negative opinions some computers come with so many bugs in design which cannot be solved with future patches. go to the forums and dig & read.

Hope this basic tips will provide you a start of how to buy your next computer, and how to pin point the one of your choice. Good luck!


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